Love (My Husband) Thursday

Okay, so I promised not to gush about my husband so much.

I just can't help it.

Tomorrow, my husband is taking his entire weekend to ride his bike 192 miles in support of finding a cure for cancer.

I don't very often talk about the fact that I had cancer but I did. When I was 26, I battled cervical cancer, which left my fertility in question. I think I've successfully answered that question (two kids later) but the whole cancer thing? Really not that fun, as experiences go.

I don't talk about it much because there are so many people facing so much worse in the way of cancer and treatment. I don't actually think about myself in terms of being a cancer survivor, even though, obviously, I am one and, having successfully beaten the Giant Beast, my life is better than I ever could have imagined. (Yes, that is a personal best for the number of commas used in one sentence. Please hold your applause.)

Anyway, my husband rode the Ride for the Cure in Austin with my name pinned to his jersey. He never forgets, see, that had things turned out a little differently, not only would we not have these two amazing children, but I might not be his wife.

Cancer is doing horrible things, often to really good people and all TOO often, to people who won't get to talk about their happy endings. I'm so proud of my husband for his commitment to making a difference.

**If you are interested in learning more about the Pan Mass Challenge, below is a link to a very moving talk given at last years kickoff funding event for the PMC from Dr. Sam Blackman that provides an incredibly symbolic description of the magic that surrounds this event.

If you'd like to support Coop in this year's ride, he's riding with his friend BP and this is their team page:


Bravo to Mark! I have special pull with The Weather Gods (most people don't know this), and will see what I can do to ensure he has gentle, dry winds and moderate temps.
Mary Ellen said…
What a great guy (you probably already know this!) and congratulations to you on being a survivor. Cancer has touched just about everyone I know in some way, including me, and we need to keep fighting for a cure. May the wind be at his back.
LaDonna said…
Thank you, Coop! You have no idea the importance of what you are doing, not just for Barb, but for all women with cancer.

It must be a sign that I'm getting older, but in the past year I've found out that 3 women whome I know and love dearly have been diagnosed.

One finished her chemo a few months back, has been pronounced cancer-free, and just recently had her first haircut since her hair has come back!

A second is currently fighting her second battle against breast cancer.

And the third, having just finished breast cancer treatment about six months ago, is back in treatment as it has spread to her lungs.

Bless these amazing women as they struggle to maintain dignity and beat this beast.
MadMad said…
Wait, wait, wait! He's doing the Pan Mass? Do you know that that pretty much goes RIGHT BY MY DOOR at the beach?! Are you coming, too, or WHAT?!
Miri said…
I just got a little goose-bumpy. It is so good to hear your happy ending (middle? 'cause I'm sure you're not *done* ;)) and it's so great to hear what Coop is doing to help fight the good fight.
Hannah said…
Good for him! My husband also rode the PMC, twice, back when we lived in MA. He loved it.
Katie said…
Barb, your husband is a Rock Star!
Lynn said…
You *should* brag about Coop. He's truly one of the good guys. They don't get anywhere near the recognition they deserve, and of course they don't do it for the recognition and don't want the recognition when it comes. But it is important for all of us to have good examples pointed out to us. And it is so wise of you to recognize his goodness and share it. It strengthens and blesses us all.

Go, Coop! [Go, Barb!]