And The Winners ARE:

The winners of the (Possibly Illegal) Relish My Relish Giveaway have been chosen. We did it by a highly scientific method. (I wrote down everyone's name who left a comment or sent me one via e-mail. I assigned those people a number (1-38 --no duplicate entries) and then put tiny slips of paper with corresponding numbers into my very official (Tour de France) hat. My daughters did the honors of pulling the numbers out of the hat.
They, usually blog-shy, were excited to be seen in their new glasses so I had willing labor.)

The winners ARE:

and Ei. Now, Ei said she didn't really WANT any relish and since Stefanie is almost a family member and I am sensitive to charges of nepotism, I picked another two readers. (I am still sending Stef and Ei something and I have their addresses so they can't stop me.)

Andrea in TN

Please e-mail me your snail-mail addresses at so that I can get your relish (and other goodies) in the mail.

I have to tell y'all that I just hate that I can't send everyone something. You all said such nice things about me and the blog but the truth is that I would never have made it through the Year of Pain without you all. You saved me --and I'm not even exaggerating. You continue to brighten my days so much. You've become friends I take with me as part of my Coat of Blessings and I've evolved from not just writing my blog posts in my head but also predicting/wondering what you'll say!

I'm going to do more giveaways because this was just so fun. Congratulations to the winner and if anyone asks, you don't know WHO sent you illegal relish!


Stefanie said…
Yay! Love the new glasses on the girls!
Anonymous said…
Woohoo! I never win anything! I'll take it, even if it is a consolation to prevent accusations of nepotism. ;-)

Cheryl Coville said…
I've been feeling a little low and uncreative particular reason...just one of those little slumps. I followed the link to your Coat of Blessings and decided to weave one of my own. Thanks for the inspiration.
Joni said…
Guess I'll just have to hope that if it ever cools down here, my cherry tomato plants will finally give me more than 6 tiny tomatoes. It does eventually cool down in Texas, right?
Amanda said…
Woohoo, and the picture is of my number too! :-)

Emailing you my address too. (I have not forgotten about the washcloths, they are on my list o' knitting.)

New glasses are fun, Jeff and I are about due.
Ei said…
Weird. You know the husband of the CEO of my company does a drawing every Thanksgiving to give away a turkey, and every year the same single, childless, loner type guy wins it. I wonder if I've got the same karma as he does with your blog give aways. But I love Barb love so that makes me smile, lots.

I'm glad for Andrea too, because I know that if I were into relish at all, the ONLY relish to have would come from Barb's kitchen. So YAY for giving someone else relish :)
joannamauselina said…
Those glasses are très chic. My Rachael, when about Ana's age, selected the most expensive frames, and then not too long later got contacts. She had to get something more modish for her emergency glasses, and abandoned the previous (very expensive) ones. When it was time to renew my glasses, I confiscated those precious frames and had my prescription put in them. Now she is twenty, and I am still wearing them. So they turned out to be sort of a bargain after all.
Annabanana said…
OMG - I am SO EXCITED!!! THANK YOU Ana and Jane for choosing me - you both look great in your new glasses, and if your mama ever gets too tired of the middle school up there you are welcome to come to Celebration and join my class (as in RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO DISNEY WORLD) - you just gotta bring your mom and dad with you. Ok, I am rambling like I do when I am so excited!!!! Did I mention that? Will send snail mail ASAP. THANK YOU AGAIN!
Kerry said…
Congrats to the winners!

Your girls look so grown up and mature. They remind me very much of my two nieces, who seem to turn into adults every time I see them. Yes, every time they turn into adults AGAIN!
MadMad said…
Love the cute new glasses on the girls! And um... for your next giveaway, maybe you could try to make things easier....
Ream O Rama said…
Wow, love the new glasses! Ana sorta brings to mind Lisa Loeb I think. Congratulations to all y'all who won!