I Have This New Theory About Stonehenge

Earlier today, Jane (8.75) had this idea to build an Elf Fire.

She was very, very, very specific. We hunted the exact proper sticks, buried them at the same height, laid slats of wood on top to hold the "food" as it cooked.

I was sweating despite the crisp Fall day. But it was a great time and she spent a long time outside, totally enamored of her project and distracted from screen time.

I have a whole new theory about Stonehenge...


hokgardner said…
My girls spend hours outside building fairy houses in the back yard out of sticks and twigs. I love that they're engaging in such imaginative play.
hollygee said…
I love[d] building fairy houses -- the sticks and twigs and vines -- and some other creature houses by digging a square hole in the ground and furnishing it.
Hannah said…
Jane's personality reminds me of my younger daughter's, who is always coming up with project ideas of that ilk, sometimes enlisting our assistance, sometimes astonishing us with her level of self-sufficient execution.

I can just imagine the feel of that September air in the Northeast ... perfect.
Oh, the march of time. I was trying to think what my daughter most liked playing when she was nearing 8, and nothing readily springs to mind. She was past the Play Kitchen stage but never took an interest in board games or fairy castles. She didn't like TV much either. Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me if Jane turns out to design the first air-floating cities or anti-gravity pipe. Elf castles are just the beginning.