No, We're Not Weird. Really. No, REALLY.

Hello from vacation!!  Hello, hello, hello!  Why yes, we're at the beach.  In Florida.  ON VACATION.



(I apologize for the excessive use of capital letters.  I will try to contain myself.)

So, anyway, here we are ON VACATION (sorry.)

This is the view from our balcony here ON VACATION.

The condo we rented is pretty fancy, except, apparently, it was previously rented by scavengers with large suitcases because in addition to not even coming with TOILET PAPER (Look, I can't help it.  The capitals just KEEP ON HAPPENING) already supplied, it didn't even have a shower curtain in one of the bathrooms.

Coop, however, remedied that:

Which should serve as a warning to everyone not to mess with Coop.

The odd thing was that, although the condo had been stripped clean of basic neccesities, we DID find one inhabitant.

Ana (12) and I were suitably creeped out, especially after Ana pointed out that our room number, 606, was the closest thing to 666 that the building had and also after I realized that the very next day was FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH.


Ana and I tried to, um, dispose of said Creepy Baby by throwing out into the hallway but Jane took an unexpected liking to the...thing and rescued it.

Look at this incredibly creepy photo I took when my flash didn't go off:

Are you sufficiently freaked out?  Because here is where things started getting really, really good.

First?  I woke up to find someone watching over me:
Then, Ana opened the refrigerator to find someone supervising consumption:

Then, Jane wanted to take a bath.

And Ana tried to get something out of her bag!

After which, my mother-in-law decided that was enough foolishness and stowed the Creepy Baby in her suitcase.

So, it was even more surprising when, the next day, Coop was trying to get a shirt when THIS happened:

In other VACATION FUN (sorry), Coop took the girls out snorkeling to a reef a good quarter of a mile from shore and Ana, not content with being the baby whisperer, attracted a tiny blue fish who apparently thought her swimsuit was a distant cousin and followed her all the way back to the shallow water.  I got to see him swimming around her when they got back.  It was...amazing.

(Now that I think about it, maybe we should have asked it for three wishes.)

Anyway, we're on our way back to the beach.  Who knows what miraculous and/or creepy thing could happen next?

Sing it with me now, "Vacation!  Vacation! Vacation! Vacation! Vacation! YEAH!" (Any old tune will do.)


Anonymous said…
Tell creepy baby he too can "swim with the fishies!"
Anonymous said…
You can't see my face, but I am laughing - giggling. Now I in the kitchen still laughing about creepy baby. Thanks! I needed that. Have a nice vacation. Look forward to more vacation pictures.
Bullwinkle said…

You sound fabulous! Enjoy Florida. In August. (Why? ... oh wait. You're from Austin. Nevermind.)
LaDonna said…
I've been watching you on FB and Twitter and just hoping that you would post that pick of the duck shower curtain up here so I could get the full impact. That is the BEST shower curtain ever...I think my favorite is "sitting duck"! LOL!!!!

So glad to hear you're having a blast and are coping well with your creepy baby stalker.
Rhonda from Baddeck said…
Love love love that shower curtain! (I wish I could see the details, good for more giggles.) Have a great vacation. And then have fun with the fantastic garden harvest you'll have when you get back!
Barb Matijevich said…
Rhonda, if I've done the code right, you should be able to click on the picture of the shower curtain and see it in greater detail in a new window. Because I am all HTML savvy that way.
Susan said…
Love the stalker creepy baby thing. We had a shark like that - kept popping up in the strangest places...

Keep having fun!!
jennyp said…
Welcome to Florida, although it is freaking hot here, hotter than I can remember in 12 years! And we had the good sense to start school early so you could enjoy the state. Have fun!