Building Skyscrapers of Gratitude

Yesterday was Father's Day.

After the traditional breakfast (breakfast tacos):
Jane Cooper is in SUCH a Daddy Phase with her father these days. It's adorable, even if it means she would throw me under the wheels of a bus for a chance to sit next to him.

he opened presents. (For those of you keeping score at home, I managed to keep my streak of giving Coop "Near Gifts" completely intact.  Once again, I got him a present that was ALMOST what he wanted. Some day, I will manage to give him something that he won't actually have to return.  I remain hopeful.)

And then, because he is Coop, we packed up and went to the beach.
We're so lucky that we always set up camp outside the lifeguard zone and then, within about five minutes, the lifeguards move the sign and extend the zone to include us.  I don't think this has anything to do with Fearless Jane Cooper, but I'm not ruling it out.

and something miraculous happened.

First, a little background: This is our fourth summer here in New York.  The very first summer, we discovered a private beach through one of Coop's co-workers when we figured out that I couldn't manage the trek from the parking lot to the beach due to the FULF. This beach we found has a shuttle service --a little truck that loads people up and drives them across the sand to the shore. This is good for us, not only because of my foot, but also because the Coopers are what you might call Gear Intensive.  We take a lot of stuff with us.

So, yesterday, we didn't use the truck shuttle.  I just didn't need it and we couldn't wait to get to the beach.

And then?

(Hold on, I'm getting all teary again...)

(Okay, I'm back.)

I took a walk down the beach.

For the past three years, I've watched my family walk down the beach together and I've been unable to go with them.

I wondered what they saw and what they talked about.

It turns out that they saw this:

It's a boot.  On a stick.

It's about the most beautiful damn thing I've ever seen.

Except for this:

Look how far I walked:

Because, you know, I COULD.

Walking back, I got a little choked up, just feeling the gratitude for this miracle of healing that I am living. I'm telling you, the gratitude I feel is almost tangible-- it's an enormous, enveloping cloud all around me.  But not heavy, you know.  Uplifting and substantial at the same time.  I should be able to mold it into huge skyscrapers of hope for the world.

That's how it feels.

That's how walking feels to me.
Not such a FULF anymore.
 I know it was Father's Day but I just have to tell y'all--it was a heck of a wonderful day for this Mama.
Life from down the beach. Pretty sweet.


Kathy Ireland said…
What a WONDERFUL thing to read to start my Monday morning. So, so happy for you my friend. And, of course, a boot on a stick. Doesn't every beach have one?

Anonymous said…
Beautiful post, beautiful day ... and so very glad you got that walk in to boot :). Near gifts, I'm pretty familiar with those too ... idea is great, but the execution, or the exact choice, is never quite what he'd have chosen. Not sure my hope is still intact on that one, but at least I don't feel too guilty anymore!
Mrs. G. said…
Oh happy day,on so many levels.
You walked BAREFOOT?! I assumed it was only when wearing your wonderful orthotics inside supportive shoes that you could walk pain-free -- but this is a miracle! What a wonderful thing! Hurray!
Barb Matijevich said…
The problem with the supportive shoes with the orthotics is that by the time I've walked two steps, I'm carrying about six pounds of sand in them. Last year, I had to wear exactly those shoes just to ride the truck to get to the beach. This year, I can wear flip flops and then...I can walk barefoot! Isn't that just...AMAZING?
Susan said…
This brought tears to my eyes - so happy for you!