Remember this?

It's coming along:
Look how calm I am.  "It's coming along," I say.  But what I really mean is SQUEEEEEE!!!! (Ahem.)

And remember...well, this entire post: This is Totally Not My Fault (Maybe)

Why yes, that's a tomato.  Yes, it is. I'm totally calm about it (and its brethren) because I am so Zen about these things. You'd never, for example, catch me jumping up and down and squealing.  (Especially if I'm the one holding the camera.)

In other kinds of progressions, our auxiliary dog, Scout, turned seven this week. He is still the worst dog I have ever had and we love him dearly, despite his many, many, MANY character defects. (When no one is looking, I can sometimes be found kissing him on the nose.) (Very gently, though, because of the whole submissive urination thing.) Happy birthday, Scout.
It's okay, buddy. We have far too much invested in you to ever give you away.


smalltownme said…
I am so not a gardener. So I squee a lot over my tomatoes!
Angela said…
I am totally in awe of your gardening skills!
Ellen said…
Due to the move, this is the summer of no gardening. Which makes me really really sad. I know your joy - enjoy it fully!! Nothing like that smell of sun warmed dirt and the taste of home grown tomatoes. We will make do with the farmers market this summer. :-(
Ei said…
Awww...I just have a crazy broadcast rose bush (okay, someone probably purposefully planted it, but I can't figure out why they put it where they did.

Happy birthday to my buddy, Scout...I'm the worst ever at a lot of things too buddy...notoriety comes in weird packages.