August 18, 2012 -- Where's Thomas?

I was looking through some of the pictures from this summer just now and I started cracking up.  

I think we need a new game called "Where's Thomas?"

Thomas wandering across my picture.

Thomas hard asleep on Katherine's bed.


Thomas waiting for yoga class to begin.
Taking full advantage of being (legally) up on the table.

Sunbathing with Jane and Coop.


ccr in MA said…
I love the last picture, where he's working on the belly. It's so hard to get an even tan through fur!
Unknown said…
He's not clear he's a cat, is he?
Mokihana said…
I love this post!! Love all the photos of the boy.

Can we have one for Edward next??? Please???
smalltownme said…
Thomas practices relaxation yoga.
mamabeth said…
Subliminal subtitle of last pic: "See my divine back yard, hopefully obscured by comments of how cute Thomas is, sunning with Jane and Coop" ... you're a clever one, Barb! (I still have house envy...sigh...)
Bullwinkle said…
Ned bows to the persistence and diligence of Thomas.

p.s. I love your commenters. Funny people :)