August 5, 2012 --TOMATOES!

It's taken a long time for the tomatoes to ripen this year.  But, wow, they were worth the wait.

And it turns out that THIS?

Is really surprisingly good on THIS:

In other news, yesterday my spastic and mentally challenged cowdog Scout jumped in the pool in the deep end in an apparent moment of Herding Instinct Run Amok.  I had to jump in and tow him to safety. The irony was not lost on me--not only that I was saving the saver, but also that if there was ever a dog I DIDN'TWANT TO SAVE, it would be Scout.

(But you know, we've had him for eight years and he has a good smile --what's a mom to do?) ( And, to his credit, he never dropped his tennis ball.)

Today's forearm stand: I didn't have it today.  I couldn't still myself enough to slow down and do it.  I have some theories about this (at first I thought I'd gotten into some caffeine,) but I'll wait to see if those play out.


Kathy Ireland said…
That sandwich looks delicious!
mamabeth said…
Where did you find the seasoning?
Shaatzie said…
Your yoga is impressive.
smalltownme said…
I am patiently waiting for my giant tomatoes to ripen. Soon.
Ann in NJ said…
Sigh. Scout. We've had animals like that - you sort of can't wait for them to...pass on, but at the same time, you can't really imagine life without them.

Your tomatoes are lovely. Ours have been tiny, but we probably don't lavish as much care on them as you do (since we don't lavish on them at all).
Mrs. G. said…
Looking good and strong, Barb.

I don't believe that stuff tastes good. I'm not calling you a liar per se...(smiley emoticon).
Bullwinkle said…
... sorry to burst that bubble, but I can't stand that veganaise stuff. ;(

I do make my own (with really good eggs from happy free range hens.)

Thanks, bwt, for inspiring me to get back to more regular yoga. I need it.