Begin Where You Are 1/365

I haven't blogged in more than a year, but part of my intention for 2022 is to reclaim the things that give me joy and to distance myself from the things that suck the joy right out of me. So here I am.  I was going to write this long catch-up post but I'm just going to begin where I am and give backstory where needed. 

I love the first day of the New Year.

I'm a ridiculous optimist, even in the midst of a pandemic, even in the midst of a struggle with chronic illness, even months behind on my filing (!). It's the New Year! All of that is going to be so much better now!


I have no idea. But I feel it and I'm leaning in. 

As 2021 was drawing to an end, I genuinely had this feeling of waking up after a long time of hibernation; this feeling of excitement for whatever is told in the next chapter of this adventure. I hope you feel that, too. That something is waiting to be known. That there is possibility in every direction. I hope the exhaustion of the past few years hasn't stolen your optimism, and that together we might find our collective way back to living again if you've been feeling a bit lost, as I have.

What would that look like to you? Are there things you would like to add back to your daily routine? Are there things you are ready to release?

Daily gratitude: words, discipline, renewal



Ann said…
I needed that this morning - needed your optimism. The holidays are wonderful but also difficult. And many many years ago my brother died on New Year's Day.... and that devastated little girl is still inside me. I wake up angry or sad or anxious. And I look for things to remind me that after a cup of coffee or some reading I will feel better. And your blog post is one of those that helped this morning.
I hope you are able to write in this space often in 2022.
ccr in MA said…
"Begin where you are" is so good. Letting myself off from do-it-perfectly-or-not-at-all is hard, but vital.
Michelle said…
Yes! It was so good to see this pop up in my email! I thought of you today as I came to the realization that the “resolutions” I wanted to make this year had little to do with self improvement, as they often do, and everything to do with self-care, as they rarely do. Read more for pleasure, finish the projects that matter only to me, do the fun tasks in the garden before the weeding. Thank you for your optimism! “The air is hummin’, and something great is commin’!” Happy New Year, friend.
Anonymous said…
I love the energy of this post! Welcome back! Wishing you a happy, safe, and healthy new year.
momwhoknits said…
This made my heart very happy today.
psam ordener said…
I am trying so hard to be optimistic and cheerful while the world around me fights back with everything at its disposal. I am determined to WIN! Thank you for adding ammunition to my arsenal.
Rosie C said…
Hi Barb,

So good to read your post this morning. Starting where we are seems pretty good to me too right now. I too tend to be tend to be an optimist although I've found myself struggling with this recently. There is so much I enjoy in life too.

Unknown said…
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Bethany said…
Seeing this in my inbox this morning put a big smile on my face. Perfect words to begin the new year!