Scout and the Snow

and other random things...

First of all, I have to apologize to all of the UPS people I maligned in my post yesterday and column (y'all didn't click on that column link, did you? Fine, don't mind me. I'll just be pouting over here over all that rhyming going to waste.) because last night, in a driving snow storm (well, okay, maybe it wasn't a DRIVING snow storm) in pitch dark, my doorbell rang. It was the UPS guy and he had RUN up our driveway carrying a package. His truck couldn't make it up the steep hill.

I said, "Oh my gosh, you didn't just run up that hill!"

And he said, "I had no choice!"

I felt terrible for him. (Especially because I practically need a defibrillator from just WALKING up the hill.) I wish I'd thought to offer him a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.

So, I'm sorry.

This morning, we are snowed in. It's LOVELY. It's more snow than I've seen since the last time I went skiing in 1997. I kept saying, "This is going to get old, right?" until Coop forbid me to say it anymore.

Because maybe it WON'T get old.

It's so beautiful.

Okay, so I sent Scout to get the paper this morning because, frankly? I'd rather have a huge hole in it than chance killing my gimpy self on our hill.

A pictorial:


Go get it, you good boy!


Stupid Dog.


hokgardner said…
I'd totally be out there with Scout racing around. I loves me some snow, especially since I almost never get to see it.
Tiffany said…
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Tiffany said…
I have to say, this is almost a relief to me. The idea of Scout fetching the newspaper was really blowing the whole elaborate "Scout image" in my mind.

He came back, right?
Lynn said…
Thinks the intrepid Scout, "Oh, you wanted me to bring you the paper *today*? Sure, no problem, just as soon as I'm done frolicking!"
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha! I laughed so loud my dh asked me what was so funny! I do hope that after Scout frolicked around he eventually returned home, right?

Oh, and if you do get tired of all that wet white wonderful stuff please feel free to send some my's 10:05 am Dec 21st, and it's 63 F here right now, with RAIN!
Anonymous said…
I'm loving being snowed in right now. SO much getting done. :)

Is everyone feeling better?
Ream O Rama said…
I think our Scouts were separated at birth :)
DK said…
Um...he did come back eventually...right??
LaDonna said…
So, I go totally offline for two whole weeks and am just now catching up on your posts. I just have one thing to say...

It WILL get old.

Sorry to burst your bubble :)