In Which It Is Apparent That I Am Not Really a New Yorker

So, it's snowing out. Really, really snowing. And it's really, really cold. (16 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Look at all that snow!

Look at my driveway!

These pictures were taken hours ago. It has been snowing ever since. We probably have about three inches. Maybe four, now.

People here are unfazed. I got up at 6:00 and started watching the news, expecting to hear about school closings or at least DELAYS but nope, nothing.

People here sent their kids to school just as if it's not snowing at all.

My kids?


Not going in late.

Not, um, so much in school today.

Do you know what this makes me? (Aside from out of the running for that Mother of the Year Award, I mean.)

It makes me a big Texas chicken.


Candi said…
From a fellow Texas Chicken transplanted in the Northeast - I hear ya! Everyday for the past week I have been asking myself just what DOES it take to cancel school around here??!!
absolutelytrue said…
I love snow days, but they are so rare here.

My aunt just e-mailed me to tell me she is freezing. She is in Florida and it has gotten down to a frigid 60 degrees today.
Tenna Draper said…
Gee Barb! You're having a heat wave! Temps in Michigan this morning were 15 degrees BELOW ZERO. My border collie had to wear muttluks! She would NOT go anywhere near the snow without them. I considered calling a radio show and saying "It's so cold..." (How cold is it?) "It's so cold that the sled dog is wearing boots!"
STQ said…
Hate to rub it in, but we here in Las Vegas had a SNOW DAY off of school a few weeks ago...sorry

In our defense, it was actually snowing (well, the day before, actually) and we have no equipment to deal with all of that nonsense here.

Moved here from Colorado, so I feel ya on the driveway thing. I miss a lot about Denver, but not the daily shoveling of the driveway so much! Enjoy your self-made snow day...
Ei said…
Dude. No school here today, no daycare either, not because of snow but because they don't want our children to even walk between the bus and the school. Tooo freaking cold.

(clears my throat a little) Some warm socks would fit the bill today... (sorry don't hit me).
Karen said…
If I lived in New York or anywhere it snowed, I would have tons of snow days. I mean if my driveway was covered in snow then obviously my car would be stuck and not be able to leave. I could never make it living up north, though if I did I would hope to be a cool mom like you and let my kids have snow days just because.
Unknown said…
you'll get used to it. a couple of years from now you'll be shoving them out the door saying you won;t melt!!!
TheOneTrueSue said…
I'm sorry, I'm still incoherent from the needle in the eye.

The first winter we spent in Utah after living in Vegas I barely left the house. It was like I thought we'd just had some kind of freak storm instead of just, you know, winter.

(thanks for adding the button :>)
Mrs.Q said…
Have you considered that the "locals" are just nuts, and you're setting a good example for your kids by being sane and practical?

(Granted, this is from the woman who can justiy cheesecake on Weight Watchers....but that's not the point!)
Ann in NJ said…
Wimp. I had the opposite problem when my children first started attending school. We would traipse on down to the bus stop and wonder why the bus wasn't coming until a neighbor stuck their head out and told us, "delayed opening". Now, of course, I have acclimated and am as bad as the kids, wishing for a chance to sleep in.
JJ said…
LOL! 3 or 4 inches is NOTHING! We need a good 5 - 8 inches for any closings due to snow! Today, though, we are off for cold...-31 windchill here in Ohio!
Anonymous said…
You have no idea how much this reminds me of my own mom. She would say, "I'm going shopping today. Do you want to go to school or come with me?" Okay, you're not THAT bad. I think it's sweet actually. Um, those pj's get washed, right? ;) Have a great weekend!!!
Lynn said…
Yep, living in Florida I'm right there with you!!!!