Ah, That's More Like It

My little family returned home last night from their ski trip.

It's been roughly twelve hours. I'm on laundry load number six million, there are boots and shoes strewn everywhere, the decibel level is markedly higher, previously uncluttered surfaces in the house are now piled high with camera bags and last week's valentines, the cats have defected for more interested playmates and in general, life is just as wonderful as I could have ever wished.

I'm sitting here just smiling to myself. It turns out I really missed them.

The trip was a great success. The girls took to skiing with enthusiasm, did well in their lessons and managed to neither hurt themselves nor anyone else. I could have lived without the text message Jane sent me on Sunday night:

"I am trapped in a chiniese restront with a bunch of drunk guys (not including Dad,) . . . GET ME OUT OF HERE, WOMAN!!!!!!!

Love u!


but really, if that was the worst of it, I think we got off easy.

Of course, after Coop delivered my evil spawn home safely, I had to confess to breaking his dog. I took Scout for a walk (Yes! A walk--I KNOW!) and at some point he ran past me and rolled his ankle or something. Today he can't put any weight on it and so he will be making a trip to the vet this afternoon. I'll keep you posted.

Here is the message inside my piece of chocolate last night (Why, yes, I DO receive cosmic messages from my chocolate. Doesn't everyone?):

Life may change us but we start and end with family.

(And laundry.)


TheOneTrueSue said…
If someone ever invents a self-folding dryer, that person will be a BILLIONAIRE, recession or no recession.

I'm jealous of your girls' ski trip.
Unknown said…
I think Scout may be having sympathy foot issues....

and that cosmic chocolate is something! gotta get me some, I need some inspiration today
Yes, it's lovely when they leave and even lovelier when they come back. When they're gone, I watch movies they can't stomach and take myself to Mozart's for coffee. I'm not sure what objection Jane has to a restaurant full of drunk men . . . if it were my kid, it would have been outrage that any group of adults could make as much bloody racket as a group of kids! How dare they?