Notes From the Freedom Front

So, my husband took my daughters skiing and I have had this whole weekend to do whatever I want.


(Er. Um. Sorry about that.)


I thought perhaps I would sleep in Saturday morning but someone forgot to send the memo to one Edward the Cat who thought he would knock everything off of my nightstand at exactly 6:00 AM in an effort to keep me from oversleeping.

I had resolved not to spend my free time cleaning and I had even called the house cleaners, who came Saturday afternoon. Nevertheless, in between winding my new sock yarn, I emptied my kitchen drawers (I originally wrote that I emptied my drawers... and I don't know, maybe I've had too much coffee but that made me laugh out loud.) and cleaned them out and I cleaned the refrigerator. I did every last scrap of laundry in this house, including my ridiculous cowdog Scout's bed. I ran my dishwasher three times.


Because my mommy is coming on Wednesday and I am so excited, I almost can't stand it.

And also because I wanted to treat myself to an utterly clean house which would stay clean for more than 20 minutes. I'm selfish that way.

(I would show you pictures but I'm afraid y'all would want to kill me. Seriously, it's THAT awesome.)

Then I took a glass of wine and a book upstairs and soaked in the tub before climbing into my freshly made-up bed.



Today, I woke up just before seven, made my bed, wandered downstairs to make the coffee and feed the pets and then, because apparently I am too little to have unscheduled free time plus a ball-winder plus a lot of new yarn plus a new MacBook PLUS a brilliant brother-in-law who knows how to do these things, I made the following little yarn-fetish video.

(Because I know you will ask (well, some of you. Those who CARE.), here are the yarns featured: Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Stonechat, Claudia Handpainted Yarn - Sport weight in Tealparty and Strawberry Latte (how could I resist that name?), Handmaiden Yarn - Casbah Sock in Glacier (gorgeous cashmere blend), Lorna's Laces - Shepherd Sport in Watercolor and finally, the most luxurious yarn of the whole bunch, Schaefer Yarn - Heather in Thistle. (My first silk blend.))

So, honestly?

Don't tell anyone, but in the end, I've had to sort of consciously enjoy my clean, empty house and all this peace and quiet by reminding myself that in less than 24 hours, my family will be home, bringing a mountain of dirty clothes and demanding food and everyone talking full-voice at once.

My little vacation has been a good exercise. I've learned that the things I crave most often--the ability to eat what I want when I want, the luxury of cleaning something and having it stay clean, the quiet to think and write and knit-- those are NOT the things that bring me a Joy Rush. I wouldn't have predicted that, actually. I would have thought that some solitude and freedom from my normal, structured routines would have come over me like when Scout is so happy he just has to roll around on the carpet in ecstasy. In reality, I find that what gives me that almost painful rush of sheer joy is sharing my life with my family, not focusing on myself and MY agenda but focusing on the hilarious, chaotic, and ever-so-full agendas of the people I love the most.

That's not to say that I wouldn't want to visit here every so often. But I'm going to be really glad to see my people roll up the driveway.

Let's just let that be our little secret, okay?


Mama Ava said…
Wow you were pretty productive! I relish eating what I want when I want, no holds barred. I eat in all the places I tell my kids they can't (the living room, the bathroom, the sofa). I watch movies that I normally can't watch when the kidlets are up and around.

Sometimes I remember to get dressed.

But you're right--the perfect end to a weekend like that is when they all come back. It just gets too darn quiet without them!
Lynn said…
Another great post; loved the video. Who's the pianist? That song is like Floyd Cramer's "Last Kiss", but on Prozac...
Just Me said…
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Lynn said…
Yes that's the great thing abt having some alone time, it makes you appreciate the chaos that is life. However it's been 8 months since my last appreciation time and I'm due.

and to have the cleaners come in, plus do some reorganization, wow that IS nice!!
Miri said…
I think the yarn is a joy rush candidate.

But I'm totally feeling your dilemma... the alone time we crave has some inside-out power to cause us to miss the noisy ones like the dickens.
Unknown said…
when they got home did you chase your tail in exitement?
seriously though, I know what you mean.
Kathy Ireland said…
O.K. - I get that you miss them and all that and you got lots done....

but DUDE! Next time you've got a weekend to yourself - you need to LET ME KNOW!
Mama Ava said…
apropos of nothing...I wanted to let you know that I hung on to your Edward the Cat story last week when our 5 month old cat scooted out the door unnoticed. We called and called and called for days, but nothing. With the cars, dogs, and cats all over the place we were sure he was a goner. Then, a week later, we heard a very irritated howling out on the street. There was Chairman Mao, very very put out that he was outside. We opened the door and in he strolled, filthy, skinny, and very irritated at our part in the whole mess. I really didn't think we'd see him again, so thanks for your story way back when--it gave me some hope to hang on to.

Not that the stupid cat learned his lesson. I caught him by the tail just this morning.
Mary Ellen said…
I'm glad you enjoyed your little break from reality, and I know exactly how you feel. I've been alone in the house more in the last 6 months than I ever have before, and even though it's clean and peaceful, I'm still happy to see the chaos return, because it means the ones I love are back!