Weird and Wonderful: An Update

Things continue on their usual weird and wonderful and other W words that I can't think of because, hello, it's 5:00 AM and I've only had one cup of coffee.

I have no idea what I'm doing up. Thanks for asking, though.

So, the first update is about my ridiculous, spastic and, um, not smart cowdog Scout. Last weekend, when my husband and children were gone skiing, I took Scout for a walk. (I know--a WALK!) He was rushing past me, as he does, on an uneven path and suddenly, he cried out and came up lame.

This is not entirely unusual for Scout, who tends to roll his ankle or something fairly frequently but in the past, he's always shaken it off after a day or so.

Not this time.

Coop took him to the Vet where he made QUITE the impression. (A few days later when the Vet Tech called to check on him, I was going on about him and I said, "You know, he's not the most mentally stable dog in the world." and she said, "Uh huh, I met him.") Dr. Garretson diagnosed him with a possible tear to his ACL--which, of COURSE he has because he's a bargain puppy and has now cost us more than any dog we've ever had.

The real problem, though, is that he seems to have had some sort of psychotic break.

Oh, you only THINK I'm joking.

Seriously, the dog has snapped. He hides in my office in the back and he won't come out. If we get near him, he starts to tremble so violently that he looks like he's having a seizure and then he races past us to get away and inevitably ends up re-injuring his leg and crying piteously. Coop has resorted to carrying him outside. Once outside, Scout runs to a little corner and lies down--does not pee. Does not poop.

This is, as you might imagine, somewhat problematic because at some point the dude is gonna have to GO and then, I would REALLY prefer it to be outside.

But even worse is the fact that Scout very clearly thinks that this pain he's having is caused by ME. He's TERRIFIED of me.I am NOT looking at you.


So, just when you think the dog couldn't get any weirder...well, you were wrong. (Not YOU--you know what I mean.)

On the wonderful side of things, I had my birthday last Thursday and my mom is here! I love my birthday, especially this year when I'm forty-four (four is my favorite number) and mostly pain-free and people gave me presents. I REALLY like a birthday that includes presents. Especially when those presents include yarn and chocolate and wine and music. SCORE on all fronts.

THEN, yesterday, we all (kids, Coop, Mom, me) drove to Queens to see my foot doctor and then headed into the city to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway. It's the third children's musical we've seen and by far the best. The sets were imaginative, the performers amazing, the orchestra was stellar and our seats were the usual Coop thisclose variety. It was lovely--a wonderful time. My girls seem to be a bit under the weather though, so Coop took them to M&M world which seems to have magical restorative powers. My mom and I sat in an Italian restaurant and talked and drank espresso drinks, which may explain why I am up at the freaking early hour of Zero o'clock.

But anyway, in all this, there has been some knitting. In fact, my mom and I are knitting the same scarf--she in a little different colorway. Who knew that knitting with your mom could be so much fun? I'll post some pictures if it ever gets light outside.

Unless I'm sleeping.


MadMad said…
Oh, no! This February vacation thing has me all looped, and I lost track of days, and FORGOT! I'm so sorry! Happy, happy very belated birthday! It sounds like it was a great time! I am thrilled out of my mind the foot is cooperating so well, too! I don't know exactly what to say about Scout except that maybe... he needs a puppy? Heh heh.
Tenna Draper said…
MadMad, you are simply evil incarnate! :) kidding

Barb, are you sure Scout isn't having the pains you'd be having if your foot weren't taped? (kidding again). That's too bad about Scout, but don't take his weirdness personally--he only thinks he's a human--and behaving like you did when your foot was hurting you. He just needs some doggie ice cream--
Mama Ava said…
I need to get this out of the way--I am insanely jealous that you live where you can see BROADWAY shows. *sigh*

Now on to my mystical Eastern fortune-telling. You are 44 and your favorite number is 4. Four is considered very very lucky in Chinese culture. If you want a phone number with more 4s you pay for those numbers. So I'm very confident that this year for you is a year of good fortune and blessings--for your foot, and your crazy dog, and whatever else is on life's buffet!
Mokihana said…
Poor Scout. Poor you. And it's not even your fault!

I wish, oh, how I wish I could've had a mom to knit with, to have espresso with. What a sweet picture that is; I'm very, very happy for you.
Anonymous said…
Would Scout feel more secure if he had a crate to retreat to?
Anonymous said…
I am really enjoying this new-found euphoria! Poor Scout. Will he be having surgery?
Tiny Tyrant said…
Oh hugs honey.

I hope Scout recovers mentally and physically.
Anonymous said…
My rottie mix tore her ACL and was really aggressive and freaked until she had the surgery. the faster you can schedule the surgery, the faster poor Scout will go back to his usual level of nuts
Unknown said…
poor scout, he just discovered the world is not all rainbows and doggie treats. first Sydney disappears, then you hurt him, what next???
Miri said…
Happy happy birthday! My husband calls M&Ms "happy pills," which the girls have picked up -- we get some strange looks.
Kathy Ireland said…
Yeah, remember before your foot was taped and Coop had to carry you to the bathroom????