It's Impossible to Know

(Just to start this blog entry with an aside (because I'm good like that), every time I write or think, "It's impossible," I think of Steve Martin in his Wild and Crazy Days when he used to sing, "It's imPOSSible, to put a Cadillac up your nose. It's just imPOSSible...") (Oh, like you don't.) (Well, okay, maybe you really DON'T in this instance.)

So, y'all might have noticed that I tread very lightly in featuring my older daughter Ana on the blog. My YOUNGER daughter is clearly primed to be adored by millions and will bask in the glory. But my OLDER daughter is more reserved. More private. More likely to feel embarrassed.

So, imagine my surprise when, after I took pictures of her yesterday morning, she wanted to see them on the blog. "You always write about Jane and not about me," she said.

I was astonished, frankly. "But I thought you didn't LIKE to be on the blog."

"Well, in this case, it's okay."

There you have it. The capriciousness of a Tween summed up in two sentences.

And here she is summed up in two pictures from the SAME DAY:

Sleeping with her Thomas kitty, where she still looks like a little girl.

And attending the Sweethearts' Dance with her dad at her school, where she clearly is almost 18 and about to leave home and break my heart.


Stefanie said…
Ana is such a beautiful and strong girl. She looks so mature in that second photo!

...I'd heard that Thomas was snuggling up to her now. I'm jealous, of course!
STQ said…
Aww, gorgeous young woman!! I remember reading your blog in Austin when they were little! Funny how my son is the same age as Ana, and although he has grown up, I figure Ana is still in Kindergarten!! :)
DK said…
Oh, those pictures even broke *my* heart a little. Gosh, Barb, she's just beautiful. And I love that pic with her and her dad - so sweet!!
Lovely photos, as always.
Mokihana said…
Ana is just beautiful. I can see strength, perseverence and determination in her face, along with a hint of whimsey.

There are traces of the little girl, but she's sure growing up fast. I love the photo of her with Thomas juxapostioned with the other one, perfect examples of what being a tweenager can be.
Miri said…
Hurray! Ana wants to be on your blog! My girls go through different amounts of being willing for me to share about them. Ana is a truly beautiful girl. Her personality shines through those photos.
Tiny Tyrant said…
Oh my gosh. LOVE the kitty pic (Thomas looks so content in that picture with her).

And your Coop is CUTE! YUMM! ;-)

Ana is beautiful my dear.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Ana. So grown up and yet not. I love this sweet post!
Anonymous said…
Oh, she looks like a very sweet girl. So pretty!

Unknown said…
she is beautiful! (And that Thomas, no words...)
Unknown said…
i keep coming back here today to look at that photo of Ana and Thomas...he has such a big smile on his face, pure bliss. I can almost feel his tubby tabby warmth...sigh, I miss my orange girl.
Ann in NJ said…
Sigh, I have one of those. We went shopping Saturday morning, and she wanted to bring a purse. Following her into the store, with her purse slung over her shoulder, she looked like a young lady. Playing on the floor with her brother later that day? Still my baby.