The Five Dollar Anti-Depressant

I awoke to another gray and rainy day.

It’s been raining FOREVER. We’re stuck inside; it’s even beginning to get the new PUPPY down.

I slogged through the morning. My older daughter Ana was easy to rouse this morning because she had a pretty new shirt and some new socks to wear to school. Remember the days when coordinating socks and shirts could brighten your whole attitude?

I drove her to school and as she was getting out of the car, her best friend Nina was also arriving and --are you ready?-- Nina was wearing the same exact shirt!

Remember when wearing the same clothes as your best friend was the best and coolest thing ever? Remember that?

I got Jane up and ready (Jane is learning how to yo-yo and this is just a HUGE DEAL) and I went to the grocery store. In the rain. My feet were wet and my attitude was poor so I decided to stop by the Starbucks. I ordered my coffee and paid the $2.65 with my gift card (left from my birthday) and as I turned away, I had this momentary impulse and gave in to it. "Here," I said to the Barista, handing him a $5 bill.

He was astonished. "What's this for?"

"Just because I'm in a really good mood and I've always wanted to do this. Have a truly spectacular day!"

Sometimes, you can create your own reality for $5 and some coordinating socks.


Kathy Ireland said…
I love you.

And I bet that Barista does too now.
Stephanie said…
First time here and I just have to say..I love this! I just may have to try this myself:) I'm sure you made that baristas day.
Unknown said…
bet he spends it on weed...just kiddin. that was a cool thing to do, hope he pays it forward.
Remember? It still makes my day to have a new shirt and color-coordinated socks!
MadMad said…
Well, I bet you made HIS day brighter, anyway! And the sun'll be out... tomorrow, actually.
DK said…
That's awesome.

I do remember those days when coordinating socks were the BOMB (or, you know, "rad"), but back then they were fluorescent...hope Ana's got more fashion sense than kids my age did when we were her age!!
Ei said…
What a sweet thing to do.

and coordinating socks makes my day too.
Ann in NJ said…
Excellent! I have a friend who bases her tipping amount on the relative impact on the server's day vs. the impact on her wallet. Meaning she tips a heavier percentage on cheap meals at diners, where the staff doesn't get paid well, and a lighter percentage at fancy restuarants where the staff is better paid and 20% of the bill is a lot more money. I always try to keep that in mind when I'm out.
And I'm wearing my hand-knit socks today - thanks to YOU!
kim said…
I loved this little tale... well, the ending anyways. You rock!
Jen@momalom said…
Isn't it great when you can make yourself feel better with a little random kindness. It's so corny. And so true.
Miri said…
I DO remember the joy of coordinating socks. And a scrunchy. Not that I'm willing to date myself like that. Today I'm just glad to have socks that match one another. Baby steps.
LaDonna said…
So, yeah...I'm way behind on your blog posts, Barb. I'm catching up over my lunch today and for this one, I just had to stop and say that sometimes just having two MATCHING socks makes me day!! :)