In Which I Concede Defeat

Before 9:30 in the morning.

I awoke this morning to a basement flood after a night of storms. MORE storms. Storms upon storms upon days and days of rain.

I was a bit disappointed to realize that when I prepared the coffee for this morning, I forgot to actually, um, put the COFFEE in the coffee pot.

I can't find my cell phone anywhere. (How will I play Scramble?)

I put my shirt on inside out.

I was trying to reach one last dish to put in the dishwasher as I was running out the door to take Jane to school (in the rain. Have I mentioned the ceaseless, soul sucking, spirit-crushing rain?) when I whacked my FULF right into the open dishwasher door. The whole foot went numb. (Knowing me, I probably fractured it and will discover this two years down the road.)

I was just about to take my cue from one Edward the Cat () (I swear, I am 12 years old. Employing parenthetical photos makes me laugh out loud.) and just go back to bed when I looked outside and in the midst of all the gray, something caught my eye.

I put on my galoshes and slogged out to my garden and this is what I saw:
The first Zinnia of the season. Undaunted and beautiful.


Stefanie said…
Most of the time, the best stuff in life is completely unexpected. :)
smalltownme said…
I am in love with the picture of your cat.
Unknown said…

Lovely flower, how does that saying go...June showers (and relentless storms and rain and more rain) bring June flowers???
MadMad said…
Well, I will say one thing for all this rain and the snow that preceded it... the flowers this year have been phenomenal.
Always, Laura said…
You make me chuckle.


It is so much more fun to call rain boots galoshes. Makes me feel like a kid...
Mary Ellen said…
I'm sorry about your difficult day (we're having that soul-sucking rain here, too) but I love love love Edward!
Susan said…
For once those of us in California are in the same lousy weather boat - what's going on? It has been cold and cloudy and drizzling all month. At least it does the flowers good and keeps the water and electric bills low.

How's the foot?
Miri said…
What a brave little flower to face the floods.
Scramble is on Facebook. Go for it - I'll meet you in the long words only (4 letters and up) room!
kim said…
I'm sorry, but it's a bit comforting somehow to know that someone else had a week like my own. Here's to more zinnias.