Monday Fragments

Okay, so that's not as alliterative as "Friday Fragments." Maybe I should have called this post "Monday Montage." Only now it's TUESDAY and I got...nothing. Nothin', I tell you.

I've resisted the urge to do some sort of fragments-based sort of post because, well, I kind of hate the mandated customs of the blogosphere. Because I am a prig, I guess. I mean, I love to read M.E.'s Friday Fragments. And I love Love Thursday. It was the Wordless Wednesday that got my hackles up --the very nature of blogging is all about words! If you want wordless blogging, you should be a visual artist. But even the visual artists I know use words on their blogs! Blogging is another word for WRITING. (At least in my priggish, frustrated-English-teacher world.)

Onward to all sorts of fragmentation.


This a video of the song my washer plays for me when it is done washing. I know, I know, just when you thought I couldn't GET more pathetic.


My Father-in-Law arrives today for a week. I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO HIM. I am so looking forward to him that I am cleaning my house, even though the house cleaners come tomorrow and even though he will not care. I just really like him. I can't wait to show him my garden and I can't wait until he meets the puppy. I think he's going to like both.


Our new puppy barks in his sleep. It is HILARIOUS and I will try to get it on video, although it is a little less predictable than the washing machine song.


Today is Scout's 5th birthday. I will be making a cake--for the humans to eat. I can't tell y'all how big Scout has stepped up in his new role as big brother to Austin. He is patient, plays endlessly, gentle in his lessons (mostly) and even seems to have mostly overcome the submissive urination thing. He even shares his bed (sometimes) with the puppy. Happy birthday, Scout!

(Also, my sister. Happy Birthday, Sisu!)

(I don't REALLY put her birthday lower on the rung of importance than Scout's but it made me laugh to put it in this order on the blog. And given that it is STILL FREAKING RAINING HERE, anything that makes me laugh is a good thing.)


Some days, I eat my lunch at 10:00. This is a dirty little secret that I have only shared with MadMad but I am outing myself in case anyone else out there does this, too. Mostly I do this because I'm bored but sometimes, like today, I eat because I am hungry. I didn't eat dinner last night because the rain was making me too sad and I had a huge migraine all day anyway. So I just finished my lunch. Only y'all? It turns out that Sushi before noon is just a bad idea. Really, trust me on this if you decide to eat your lunch early.

Ice cream, however, knows no such time sensitivity.


Ana has been peppering her conversations with French phrases lately, which cracks me up since she knows no French and I have no idea where she even picked them up. This morning, in her honor, we had croissants. Hey, now that I think of it, this is quite the International Day of Food I am having. Croissants and Sushi. (All before 10:00 AM.) (Ick.) Bon Soir!


Jane (8) wrote a little piece about her special person earlier this year. As you might imagine, I HATED this. (NOT.) (As always, click to enlarge.)


So, that's it: my post of fragments. Only it occurs to me that it's not really such a different style from my NORMAL way of posting.

Oh well. I'll ponder this while I watch the rain and wonder if my tomatoes are getting enough sun...


otter said…
if I bring my lunch to work, it's gone by 9:30.
smalltownme said…
I love the washer music.
Unknown said…
yeah for scout. and HOLY HELL the puppy got huge!!!!
Brenda said…
So? What was the funny story that Jane refers to? C'mon...don't leave me hangin'. I mean, after the symphonic awesomeness of your washing machine, I can't imagine that the entertainment value could get any better, but I'm willing to listen. I'll even help you get started: Once upon a time... (we're waiting...)
Candi said…
Tuesday Tidbits maybe?

I crack up whenever our dog barks and growls in her sleep. Also when she halfway runs in her sleep (laying on her side sleeping, but her legs go ninety miles to nothing).

They keep saying the rain will end. Do you know an anti-rain dance we could do?

Oh - AND - my dryer lets me know when it is done too! It stops its really loud high pitched squeaking and we know it is done. :-)
Miri said…
I have to turn off the alarm bells on my washer and dryer because one time I left the house and the dryer was pinging for at least 45 minutes and the dog was hiding under the bed. Now, years later, if it even pings ONCE the poor puppy is running for the hills.
MadMad said…
Ice cream is ALWAYS an acceptable meal alternative. I eat mine standing at the kitchen sink. (That way, as we all know, it doesn't really count.)

I can't believe how HUGE da widdle puppy already is! (And my doggie turns 5, too, in just a couple weeks! How funny!)
Kathy Ireland said…
If it starts to drive you crazy??!! You silly goose. You already are crazy!

See ya soon!
DK said…
Okay. I may have to steal Fragmented Fridays.

The washer music is AWESOME. SOOOO much better than the long obnoxious buzzing that goes on here.

See, but I really like wordless wednesdays, b/c it gives me a little break in the daily blogging thing. And sometimes, it gives me the opportunity to say something profound in a very different way. But I hear your point.
Anonymous said…
You forgot Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese with nary a macaroni in sight.