The SUN is shining. The sky is BLUE!

It's a beautiful day!

I am energized like a... something ENERGETIC!




All the other thoughtful posts I've been writing and had planned and blah, blah, blah will have to wait!

I made the girls and two auxiliary girls pancakes from scratch this morning because the SUN IS SHINING (and I'm out of mix.) There is much happiness about the trampoline--especially now that it's been dried off. My husband is outside on a bike ride. My garden doesn't seem to have totally succumbed to rot and blight from the endless, endless rain. (PS: My friend Donna's husband won the race to see who could get an edible tomato fastest. I'm not sure he knows we were racing but we were and he won so handily that if he DIDN'T know we were racing, I'm not going to tell him. Because my tomatoes? Not even a hint of color yet.)(Unless you count brown. Sigh.) (Ah, yes, a new parenthetical picture--I am hitting new heights with my digressions! Woohoo!)


(Clever Demarcation of Time Passing)

Okay, so, uh, the sun is still shining but as soon as I wrote the above, two girls collided on the trampoline resulting in tears and recriminations and then our neighbor poked his head over the fence and asked us if we could put bells on the cats since they have been leaving DEAD BUNNIES in his yard.

(Which, incidentally, means that I can't tease about the neighbor about having mob ties because A) he was very nice in the way he handled the whole situation and B) he was really concerned about those baby bunnies. I'm thinking most hardcore mobsters wouldn't be broken up about rabbits OR they'd take care of it by dispatching the cats post-haste.) (And yes, I learned everything I know about organized crime from watching The Sopranos.) (Shaddup.)


Okay, so both cats have bells on their collars now --well, actually both cats have collars now and those collars have bells on them. We've not been so lucky keeping collars on the cats. There was some hissing involved but I'm choosing to believe that it wasn't directed at ME, but rather the collar itself. (Work with me.)

The dogs have both had baths. I took the neighbors a tray of pastries along with a handwritten note that I'd written on my "Pretending To Be A Grown Up" stationery. Austin has a new collar, too, since his collar seems to have gone missing, what with all the wrestling and all.

And we're on our way out to dinner at some friends--recent Austin ex-pats --who are cooking Mexican food.

Dudes, isn't it amazing what a little sunshine will do for a girl's outlook?


Just Mom said…
I don't think you can rule out mob ties yet. Remember Tony with the ducks? I think to be on the safe side, you better bell the cats.
Damsel said…
Um, can I come eat Mexican food, too? We should start an "ex-Austinites" club, and rotate dinners at each others' houses, where we would only cook Texas BBQ and Mexican food. *nodnodnod* (We just relocated to NJ from Austin....)
Susan said…
Hurrah for sun unless it makes it 107 degrees out like it was at our house...no bike ride for me this weekend.

Enjoy your sun, though!
Susan said…
That brown part of your tomato? Blossom rot. It's from too much water at a critical time for tomato development. Gee, I wonder why it got too much water (she says wryly).
Kathy Ireland said…
I wanna come over and play on the trampoline!
Unknown said…

I was so pissed Sat beuause I spent 3.5 hours watching the boy do a karate test indoors when the sky was like yours, then we went home for a nap and when we woke up it was raining!!!

but then it was sunny yesterday so that was cool
Unknown said…
Oh, and I meant to say, the doggies look very proud of their new "shirts".
Miri said…
Ooh! Ooh! Blue sky! I hope it's lasting for you. We've been days on end of 80 degrees, sunshine and breezes. Still your tomatoes are ahead of mine. How can that be? (Also, did you know *we* were in a race?!)
MadMad said…
Wait, wait, wait! Tony Soprano took care of those baby ducks, remember?