The Usual Morning Castastrophe

There has been even more drama than normal in the Cooper Clubhouse this morning.

(I know, I know, it's almost impossible to even visualize.)

See this?

That's Geordi La Forge, a character from Star Trek, the Next Generation, lovingly depicted as an Iron Bead Thang (IBT) by one Jane Cooper, 8.

As she was carrying it upstairs so that I could iron it, her older sister came out of a bedroom unexpectedly, thus startling poor Janie and causing her to spill the un-ironed IBT all over the upstairs hallway.

To say there were tears and recriminations and apologies and more tears and sobbing and much rending of garments and accusations and wailing and dismay and EPIC CRYING AND SCREAMING would be an understatement.

So, we sat in the hallway upstairs and tried to recreate Geordi, accompanied by the hiccuping sureness of Jane that we would never, ever, EVER get it as good as it was the first time and we should just give up already and I told the girls the following story:

Once, when I was about the same age as Jane is now, I had filled a large cup with milk and was walking through our house to my bedroom. (This was technically a violation of the No Food or Beverages in Our Bedrooms Rule, instituted by my poor beleaguered mother after I ate a peach and then stuffed the wet and still peachy pit UNDER MY MATTRESS where it eventually became a new life form.) My older sister was coming down the hallway from the other direction and ran SMACK into me, knocking the glass out of my hand and creating the biggest milk tidal wave ever seen in Dallas, Texas.

I stood there, shaking in fury (as only the mother of one Jane Cooper can shake in fury,) and then I said the very, most awful, totally worst thing I could think of.


My sister, seven years older and, although covered in milk, acutely conscious of the small furious dignity of the girl standing in front of her, wisely did not laugh.

(Not then, anyway.)

The puppy took all drama this morning in stride.

(Gratuitous puppy picture, brought to you by Becca.)


ToyLady said…
Poor Geordi.

And it's awesomely cool that your daughter is becoming a Trekkie. Trekker? Trek person.

And the obligatory "aaawwww. . . puppy."
Unknown said…
thats so funny that she made Geordi!!!

and thanks for the puppy porn...
kim said…
And that is precisely why I hate those damned beady thingies. You can never get them to iron evenly. And even when you do, one side gets more melty than the other. And when you don't, you spill them! What a great saga.
Barb Matijevich said…
No, see, with MOST IBT, you don't iron them so thin. I only ironed this one thin because of the appendages, which tend to break off if not really, really, REALLY solidly ironed.

To avoid the distortion of ironing (there's a scientific concept just waiting for a grant), you just iron one side of the ...thing. It works with solid IBT. Trust me--we have about a million of them.
MadMad said…
Ay! I feel bad for her, though - spilling those things after all that work is AWFUL!
Mrs.Q said…
But was there gnashing of teeth? A crisis, to go from epic to truly legendary, requires gnashing of teeth. Then again, if it was my Geordi, there would probably have been teeth-gnashing.

I've been wanting to say "gnashing of teeth" all day. Thanks for indulging me!
Lynn said…
Oh yes, these things are HORRIBLE! They can easily be knocked around by also jostling the kitchen table.
Mary Ellen said…
Sorry about the mishap, but please tell her that to have created a classic Star Trek character like Geordi out of beads? Makes her a SUPER COOL CHICK!
Ei said…
I love that she made Geordi. She is my super hero.

And we had a k'nex tragedy this morning. I so feel you.