The Cough, the Sock, the Blues Vanquished

My poor little puppy.
My Janie (9) is sick.

She was fighting a really awful cold over much of the weekend and woke up on Monday with a fever and a side ache. I took her to the doctor and the strep test was negative but the doctor did say that her cough was worrisome and that we needed to make sure it doesn't get any worse in case it's

*deep breath*


(Note that you should NEVER, EVER, EVER GOOGLE "child pneumonia" unless your child is now over the age of 60.) (Maybe not even then.)

So, that's what I've been doing this week.

I've been staring at Jane, willing her cough not to be worse. Willing her fever away. Willing her appetite back.

Apparently it worked because her fever is gone today and although her cough is still horrifying, it's not any WORSE than it was.

Did y'all just feel that sigh of relief? I mean, it was so big that I think my bones all melted and pooled on the floor at my feet.


In other news, I have cleansed my Knitting Karma.

(Ana's sock.  Claudia hand-painted sock yarn in Bearded Iris (which was just a dream to work with and which doesn't photograph near as vibrantly colored as it is in real life.  Thuja sock pattern.)  (Yes, AGAIN.)  (So sue me.)

Yes, that is a seriously flat foot.  Mercifully, she seems to have inherited her feet from her father--fast, flat feet with no deformed bones.  The interesting thing about this sock, though, is that I really played with the stitch count.  I realized that I wasn't making my socks tight enough on the wearer's foot.  So while I started out with 52 stitches for the cuff, the foot only has 44 stitches.  It fits her long slender foot perfectly.  Unfortunately, her feet are still growing so who knows how LONG it will fit her but them's the breaks with custom socks. (Must now knit the second sock before I forget what I did.)


We had the most beautiful snowfall this morning.  It's not cold enough to make the roads awful, but it's just enough to fill me with that sense of peace, kind of like when I go to the ocean. I stood at the kitchen window and watched it, filled with a sense of tranquility and filling my cup back up.


LaDonna said…
Oh! Poor Jane! I'm so glad to hear that she's improving, though.

I know what you mean about watching it snow. As much as I am so sick of snow around here, I still love it when we get big, heavy snow. Especially if I know I don't have anywhere to go. I sit in my livingroom and just watch it fall, accumulating everywhere.

And then...

I remember that it must melt and go somewhere in the next few weeks. I better check my flood insurance status again.
Ann in NJ said…
Hope Jane is better soon. These cough/pneumonia things that linger are really scary.

Love the birds at the birdfeeder!
joannamauselina said…
What a great picture of the birds, and what a pathetic picture of poor little Jane!
My baby had pneumonia when she was about three. It was amazing. She was sort of sick, lying next to me on the bed as I read to her, and suddenly (and I mean suddenly), she was really sick. I rushed her to the doctor, got the proper antibiotics, and all was well. Pneumonia is really scary. It was the main cause of death in the 19th century! Good thing you are a vigilant Mom!
Anonymous said…
I hope Jane is much better every day.

What? No squirrels at your birdfeeders?

Debbie J
Susan said…
Poor Janey. I'm glad that she has dodged the pneumonia bullet. I've never been sicker than when I had it.

Yay socks! Phooey lace!
Unknown said…
I'm glad Miss Jane is okay and on the mend. And I think your socks are the best thing since...well, the best thing. I'm wearing a pair right now. Muah.
kim said…
Aw, I hope little Jane is feeling better by now. She is cute as a button even when sick.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Oh - poor kiddo... Is she feeling better? Pneumonia, GRAVY. I can only imagine what a basket case that would make me.

Hope your nerves and her health are both on the mend. :)
Mokihana said…
I love all your bird feeders! Bless you for feeding all your feathered friends. I hope Edward doesn't jump very high.

And poor Jane... she looks positively bedraggled! I hope she's feeling lots better by now.