August 8, 2012 --Elmer for President!

Today, I nailed my forearm stand.

Not in my actual yoga class, though.  I struggled through my practice today because, as I was sitting in my car waiting to go into the studio, I took the opportunity to read through yesterday's blog post.

And I found the inevitable typo.

I don't care how much growth I'm having being present in the moment and dealing with imperfection, an unfixed typo is like having a splinter under my skin. I was distracted. I was tight. Typos apparently make my hips hurt.

So, I came home and tried one more forearm stand before I got in the shower...and something, sort of...well...HAPPENED. I went right up and then, I swear, I could have stayed there all day. It felt effortless.

I didn't have any witnesses, unless you count the Puppy, who was VERY impressed. My photographers are both in camp this week, and I was too shy to ask Elmer, the Yard Guy, to take my picture. Which turned out to be a good call because he was busy weeding.  He weeded my vegetable garden! I have been fighting a losing battle with the weeds in my vegetable garden all summer.  Since it's all organic, I don't use any pesticide or weed inhibitor, and every day I have to go out, pull up a bushel of weeds only to come back the next day and find two more bushels have grown. (I don't actually know what a bushel is, but it's a LOT OF FREAKING WEEDS.) Elmer tamed them all.  ELMER FOR PRESIDENT!!!

A little homage to Elmer's work and my gorgeous tomatoes!


The song is called, "Hang on, Little Tomato" by Pink Martini.

So then, after Katherine came home, I did it again!  And she took pictures!  (Katherine, the artist formerly known as Ana, has changed to using her middle name now. I fully, absolutely support her right to do this, although I despair of adjusting before she's twenty.)

Music is by the Indigo Girls, "Rise Up."

(Rise up your dead
There's life in the old girl yet!)

(If you find the typo, please wait until afternoon to e-mail me. )


smalltownme said…
Elmer for President? How about BARB FOR GODDESS! Congratulations on nailing your forearm stand!
tanita✿davis said…
Yeah, I'm down with Barb for Goddess.
Sorry I'm not around to weed; I used to be paid by the pound for those. Of course, I was six...
Barb Matijevich said…
@Tanita: I would not have been able to afford you. Luckily, Elmer works for a flat fee and he's FAST!

@smalltownme: I think people are probably way over seeing me do my forearm stand, but I JUST CAN'T HELP IT. I'm 47 years old! I never thought I could do that when I was in my twenties!
Susan said…
What a great accomplishment - not tired of it at all.

My daughter has changed her mind about her name and the spelling of it twice - I understand.
Bullwinkle said…
Forearm Stand! Victory! (I'm also not tired of it. I like that you have to work at it and then you conquer it.)

As for the weeds - they've taken over my garden too. I blame the weather ;)
Judy said…
I went to college with an Anna. One day, I glimpsed her paper work and saw her name was Marie Teresa. I asked how she got the name Anna. She said she was the youngest - with 5 older brothers. Her parents named her Marie, but her brothers named her Anna. By the time she was about 2, no one ever called her Marie any more. Five boys can be like that. You have my vote on Barb for Goddess <3