If I HAVE to be woken up at dark-thirty, this is what I prefer

This morning, I was awakened at 5:19 by a little girl standing beside my bed.

"Mom?" she said. "I can't remember you kissing me good night when you got home."


Barb said…
And THEN I got the best cuddle. Not much sleep, you understand, but the absolutely BEST cuddle. --B.
Damsel said…
So cute!!!! BTW, you inspired me. I bought knitting supplies and got started today! It's so fun!
Barb said…
Tonight, when I was putting her to bed, she made me give lots of extra kisses. I know I will pay for this--like, tomorrow I will want to beat her with a hairbrush (just kidding--it's obvious to everyone that we have lost our hairbrush) but she's in such a cute phase right now that I just melt.

I'm so glad about the knitting!!! I'm istting here working on a pair of socks for Ana. Ones she might actually wear!