Beach Babies

We're in Corpus Christi and today was a fabulous day at the beach. This is why people live in Texas, friends. Because it was 72 degrees here on February 2. Six more weeks of winter? Bwah hahahahah!

(Yeah, y'all can laugh at me next year when I'm shivering my hiney off in New York.)


Today was hilarious. For one thing, Jane, who always has the best time of anyone on any adventure we've ever taken, decided that my name should be "Helen." I was walking up into the sand dunes and suddenly I heard, "Hey! Hey, Helen, where are you going?"

And then at one point, I heard, "COOP! Coop, take this to Helen."

Naturally, we just rolled with it. (Frankly, I've never liked my REAL name that much.)

Jane, of course, also was NOT going to be stopped by cold water. So, she went freaking right out in it. I laughed indulgently. Until I went into the water myself later and realized that after about six seconds, my feet went completely numb. Numb, I tell you. NUMB.

Ana didn't have quite as much fun as usual because of her sling, but she made do. Broken collar bones really do take forever to heal.

Why I love my mother-in-law: She pulled out a pair of plastic gloves and headed right down the beach, picking up trash. You gotta love it.

PS: I realized today that I answer to "Helen." Just in case you need to call me that.


You look more like a Barb than a Helen. Of course, I've never seen you in person...
Ei said…
I love the name name is a variant and I've always wishd my mom had just gone that way. But I'd hate it if it were mine, I'm sure.
DK said…
I'm glad she picked Helen and not, like, Twyla.
Ei said…
:) I tagged you for a meme on my blog. Hugs & love.
Anonymous said…
Oh why don't you just go....stick a sock in it! LOL! We got 8 inches of SNOW on Friday. It's beautiful but wet and messy. It should be gone by mid-week though...we're getting a heat wave! 7 degrees (celsius) I don't know what that is in farenheit.....40 degrees maybe???
Barb said…
Just remember that in August, when it's 100-plus degrees for the entire montha dn we are SUFFERING, YOU will have a normal climate. And we'll wonder if we're really in hell.
LaDonna said…
Helen, huh? Where did she come up with that? Too cute though. That child is truly a wonder!

And as far as the weather, I agree with kathy! We finally crawled out of the deep freeze yesterday and our temps rose to a balmy 25 above (yes, that's fahrenheit, friends!). Today, it's again in the mid 20's and we have a fresh blanket of snow covering everything.

And in August, there's no such thing as "normal" climate in North Dakota. We'll have 100+ temps that time of year!