Update and a Memo

Here is just a quick update because we are on our way to Dallas for my Mom's 70th birthday celebration and I am...um...hello...frantically packing, making preparations for the dogs and the housekeeper, packing an extra suitcase for my husband to take to New York when he flies back on Sunday, (He's flying in and out of Dallas this weekend so he will not be home again until the move. Not that I'm lying on the floor with an empty bottle of tequila or anything.), making sure the house is still "show ready" just in case someone wants to see it while we're gone, and trying to find something that will be appropriate for the Family Generations Photo Shoot now that my family has decided that instead of looking like people who work at Blockbuster, we should all look like... people who work at at place where they all wear black shirts and blue jeans.

Newsflash: not a single pair of my jeans fits me. I would drown my sorrows in M&Ms but that seems sort of insult to injury and plus, I already ate them. I am, however, drinking, like, my eighth shot of espresso today because I was so unnerved by nodding off and almost running off the road the last time I drove the kids on a long car trip. So, I might go to jail for speeding but at least everyone will be safe and sound and my kids only eat bread and water anyway. Win/Win.

Coop closed on our house in New York on Wednesday. (Not that he's lying on the floor with an empty bottle of tequila or anything.) Our house in Austin went under contract TODAY! (Well, it's still the option period but if the buyers back out, I swear to you, I will find out where they are moving and go over and leave SCOUT IN THEIR BACKYARD. Don't mess with me--I am a woman on the edge.)

The movers come on Monday the 10th and leave with all of our plastic crap worldly possessions on Tuesday the 11th. The kids will go to Dallas to spend a few days with the grandparents on Wednesday and on Thursday at the crack of dawn, my husband and I will fly all four of the pets to New York in what will surely be the most amazing exercise in complete humiliation ever. Be sure to tune in.

Jane slipped me a memo last night after she'd gone to bed. Here it is:

It says:

"Oh. Mom, Tomorrow I want spaghetti with sauce.


mom; letter"

I cracked up at the last part. Where did she learn that?? All she needs is a secretary's initials at the bottom. She kills me.

See you from Big D!


BC/ghwb (I always used to do this on my business correspondence. I liked pretending that George Herbert Walker Bush was typing my letters.)


hokgardner said…
Ilove the idea of ghwb typing letters!
Mrs.Q said…
Sending you happy/sane/comfy jeans/good tequila thoughts. In fact, I will even have some tequila on your behalf, if necessary.
nj8603 said…
as if he could type a letter...
DK said…

Also, might I add, I'm so excited for you that your house is under contract! Oh holy cow! Wow! Wow!!!!

I tend to agree with nj8603, but, I think he'd make a better secretary than dubbya...
Then what? Are you driving the kids from Texas to Long Island by yourself? Maybe you should stop by. Hey! Do a road trip like Bossy; stop off at all your blogging friends' houses on the way.
Lynn said…
When I type a letter, I do LEC:dim [for "did it myself"]. Something I picked up from an old flame with a wacky sense of humor.

Oh wow, you're in Dallas this weekend! I'll mentally honk at you when I'm doing the walking tour with my dinner group tomorrow afternoon. You can mentally honk back.
Ei said…
Oh Barb. I miss you and you haven't even gone anywhere!

Congrats on the pending sale. I'm vewwwy happy for you
LaDonna said…
Oh, I'm sending prayers, good wishes, positive karma, whatever your choice about the Austin house!! So exciting, but also nerve wracking, too!

Are you sure Jane isn't a 32 year old woman in that little body??? I swear that child amazes me with the stuff she comes up with!!
Sue said…
Congratulations SO MUCH on your house. That is truly wonderful.

Love your daughter. LOVE.
Sue said…
Congratulations SO MUCH on your house. That is truly wonderful.

Love your daughter. LOVE.
RockStories said…
I can't believe it's really here and you're really moving. I also can't figure out why I feel like you're moving AWAY when you're already halfway across the country from me and you're moving to a place I actually GO from time to time...but I hate it.

I mean, um, congratulations. And good luck.
I could totally decipher that! Too cute.
That letter from your daughter is fabulous.