Love (My Fairy Tale) Thursday

Hey There! I didn't mean to worry anyone. I know that I took off two whole days without posting. Polar ice caps started melting, flights were delayed, traffic ground to a stand-still.

Oh wait, none of that had anything to do with me.

(As far as YOU know.)

Anyway, it's been the usual chaos and house showing here at the Cooper Clubhouse and just a wee bit of knitting. I'm still working on the socks that were due on my friend's birthday, which was February 5th. Finished the first one, started the second and then got sidetracked by a new crisis, the details of which I will spare you. I WILL say that my Plate O'Crises is very full now and I will not be accepting any new crises for the foreseeable future. Sorry 'bout that.

In other news, it's a little windy here today:

And on the Continuation of My Fairy Tale --because you knew I was living one, right? Complete with (apparently) Happily Ever After? --when I got home from my volunteer stint up at the school, these were on the front porch, addressed to Ana and Jane:

And then there was a note that a package had been left next door at the neighbor's house.


My husband has brought me flowers almost weekly since we were married. This is among the most spectacular arrangements I've ever seen.


hokgardner said…
What a nice husband and daddy!
DK said…
Ohhhhh, way to go Coop!!
Yarn Harlot! NYC! April 2nd! Go!
Lynn said…
Please clone Coop and roll Coop1.1's odometer forward about 15 years, if you please. Then put him in a box with plenty of air-holes and ship him to my neck of the woods. Thank you!

[Ironically, the word verification tonight is gomymr. Go, My Mister? Tee hee!]
Mrs.Q said…
Wow! My only valentine flower was one of the roses that the Italian Cafe next door to work was handing out to all their female customers today! A charming notion, I thought. Told Mr.Q it was from my Italian lover. "That's nice dear" was all I got out of him. Grrr! (He's no fun at all!)

I love the umbrella on the shed. I thought WE got it windy out here! Crazy!
Ei said…
My flower was a gummy rose from Elyas' V-day box. And it probably made me just as happy. :) Hugs, you sexay thang. You've got yourself a good man.
LaDonna said…
Awwww! How sweet! Nice going, Coop :)

I told my hubby not to get me anything for Valentines Day this year. (I'm not sure why, I just hate making a big deal out of a single day of the year when we should really be showing our love for one another all year long.) So, in compliance with my wishes, he sent me a huge arrangement at work...the day BEFORE Valentine's Day. I think I'll keep him!