Don't Hate Me Because I'm Hot

Not THAT kind of hot. LITERALLY hot. It's 88 degrees here. I think that's a bit hot for February. I'm not being facetious. Really. Because frankly, THIS is not what I want to see sunbathing on my deck...

I ask you, isn't this a bit... well...obscene?

Of course, I'm wearing MY bathing suit and getting a little sun, too and I'm sure that's why Thomas is averting his eyes. I can't really blame him. I think I've just discovered a new reason why our impending move to Long Island might be a good idea...

Okay, so Ana's tenth birthday party was a rip-roaring success. In Ana's words, it was "the best birthday party ever."


I'm not sure what compensation makes all the trouble and effort worth it when it comes to kids but I DO know that when your almost ten-year-old says, "Mom, that was the best birthday party ever. Thank you so much." you will feel like you just won the Mom Lottery. About 100 times in a row.


LaDonna said…
Awww!!! Good job, Ana!! Your mom really needed a warm-fuzzy right now and that was a great one!

As one of those "northerners" I'm trying my best not to hate you for your weather. It's OK, you'll be one of US soon enough...resistance is futile!

I'm actually coming down to TX in about 3 weeks (I'll be in Dallas) so can you just put in an order for that weather to stick around at least through my visit? I'm really looking forward to an opportunity to thaw out for a week!
If I were down there right now on your 88-degree deck, I think I would look just like that cat (but less furry).
Thomas could TOTALLY come and bunk with our dogs instead of moving up north. Our dogs do that all the time.

It was a great birthday party. Better than any of mine. My birthday being in November, I always wanted a swim party.

(And my car read 91 degrees while I was driving home. Geez. What happened to our winter?)
dlyn said…
You are moving to a rather distant part of NY from me, but rest assured, it is not 88 here today - but tomorrow you can take one of the 8s away entirely and be right on the money. brrrrrr.

Lovely blog - bookmarking you for future visits :)
Hahn at Home said…
My guess is you should enjoy it while you can. My recall of NY in February is that you will NOT be wearing your swimsuit and sunning on the patio!
hokgardner said…
I wish I had known the pool was open. I would have invited us over.
Ei said…
I love you because you are hot and you are forgiving of us who are not. :)

Happy belated, Ana. I'm sorry I'm late. It's fiscal year end, which is accountant talk for No Time to Breathe. Please give your mom a hug from me for giving you the best birthday evah.