Pumpkin Fun

My love affair with the New York seasons continues. (Yeah, yeah, I know the winter is going to be awful. Don't rain on my fall parade.)

This weekend, we took the girls to pick their own Halloween pumpkins.

(Next year, I am SO growing my own!)

Then the girls brought them home and drew scary faces on them and, in the case of Ana, cuddled with them.
(Okay, so that is not a picture of Ana cuddling with her pumpkin. But it IS a picture of how amazingly long and tall she's gotten. Dudes, I just brought her home from the hospital. She weighed six-and-a-half pounds YESTERDAY!) Thank goodness she's still a cuddler.

Good times.


Fall makes the winter worth it. And don't forget - snow! Sledding! Outdoor ice skating! A northern childhood rocks!
Stefanie said…
My goodness she looks like she is getting tall! Make her stop?

My mother says the same thing about me. Although, I think she does mention that she should have froze me at age 5 pretty often.
LaDonna said…
And continuing on the theme started by suburbancorrespondent, the winter makes you appreciate the spring all the more.

I'm sure the girls had a great time at the pumpkin patch! My sister grew a bunch of pumpkins this year and my girls (OK, mostly Marissa because Paige thinks she's getting too old for Halloween) were so excited to get their pumpkinds from Auntie's garden!

One word or warning if you grow your own....make sure you have plenty of people to give them to! A single pumpkin plant is capable of spawning more offspring than you will ever be able to use on your own!
Katie said…
Oh, I LOVE the fall. The kids love the fall. Life is good.
Bryan Wilde said…
Fall is such a great time of year. I never really appreciated it until I started to see the season through my wife's eyes. Fall is her favorite time of the year. Thanks for posting your pictures. They certainly personalize you as a real person and a writer.
Miri said…
Fall is a great reason to celebrate. I can't wait to see Farmer Barb's pumpkin patch next year.

And the girls? So cute with their pumpkin-happy grins!
DK said…
Ohh! My gosh! You know what happens in New York in the fall? THE MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE!!! Like, all live and in Technicolor! Wowie!!

I'm with SC - Snow is essential to any good childhood (also - snow DAYS! Crucial).
Mrs.Q said…
Definitely grow your own. Then bake a pie with it. Dude, there is no feeling more satisfying! (Or pie more tasty)
Ann in NJ said…
Winter in the Mid-Atlantic is not so bad. It rarely snows enough to shut things down, and when it does, everything shuts down, which is rather nice, actually.

It's the seemingly never-ending cold, rainy, dreary days that are tough. But Spring is SO worth it! And Fall, well, the trees really haven't started to change yet. Just wait! (Make sure you go apple-picking, too.)
Ream O Rama said…
One thing I miss about living in Georgia is actually having Fall come in October...rather than like in February.
Another child growing like a lightening weed. What's the world coming to, anyway? The girls are lovely and the pumpkins? Well, let's see the end results.