Random Wednesday Wordiness

So, I have a lot to talk about. I like to save these long kinds of posts for Wednesdays because Wednesdays are supposed to be "Wordless Wednesdays" around the blogosphere and I'm all rebellious like that.

(Seriously, hello-- the nature of blogging is inherently wordy, is it not? Although, okay, I am tempted to post just this picture: and then walk right away without saying another word, leaving y'all to wonder, "But, but what HAPPENED? Did the Coopers survive the coup attempt by Barb's hair? Was anyone hurt?") (As always, you can click to enlarge.) (As if you can't see that hair just fine as is.)

Over the weekend, Coop and I took our daughters to Montauk, which is on the far east end of Long Island. As in, the last bit of land to the east, next stop: England. We were very fortunate that the weather was just...spectacular. We were UNfortunate in that I had my camera set wrong so most of our pictures were sort of over-exposed. Here are few that turned out okay:

The most picturesque landmark in Montauk is the Montauk Lighthouse, which dates back to 1796.(Note that this is the first of many pictures where the kids are grimacing horribly because the sun is in their eyes and we are making them stand still for a picture. "Tough noogies," I say, says I. Because I WILL document your fun childhoods no matter how miserable you really were.

View from the lighthouse grounds. Jane swears she can see England from here.

The Montauk Lighthouse staircase. Ana counted 128 steps. I didn't count because I was snoozing in the sun while the rest of the family climbed up.

At the top of the Lighthouse.

These are surfers--really, really dedicated surfers who are braving the frigid water in order to catch some serious waves. They look like seals to me, because seals have exactly the same degree of serious about their fun. I wish y'all could have seen the look on my husband's face, though. His desire to be in that water with those surfers trumped even his dislike of the cold. I bet there's a new wet suit purchase in our future.

Oh, look, more pictures of squinting children.

Ana in foreground while Jane rolls down the hill behind the Lighthouse. (Despite the possible inference that Ana might have THROWN Jane down there, it really was voluntary and the next picture shows both girls rolling wildly down the hill. Only it's not in focus so I'm not posting it.)

Squinting Cooper women on a cliff above surfers.

Close up so we see that Barb's hair is still not completely tamed and is threatening her children.


hokgardner said…
How cool that you are playing tourist in your new home. Thanks for the pictures!
Katie said…
Loved the look at your adventurous day out.

I LOVE the ocean!
Miri said…
The pictures are gorgeous. The squinting is perfect... that's how we know you forced the children to pose, just like the rest of us have to do!

Honestly, what a lovely post.

And your hair? I resemble that remark.
Anonymous said…
Those are the pics that make miss Long Island!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day, you all look very happy.

Miss u

DK said…
Wow, you have such a beutiful family. And I'm really bummed that the picture of both girls rolling down the hill didn't come out in focus. That's hilarious.

I forsee a wetsuit in your future as well...

Who knew Long Guy Land was that scenic?
Mokihana said…
You are a riot!! Loved the sea photos. Even the squinty kids.

I especially loved your hair. It cries, "Just TRY to tame me, earthlings!"
Ann in NJ said…
Long Island is gorgeous. We keep saying we need to be more touristy in our own area, but, well, we haven't done such a good job of that.
Anonymous said…
You girls are cute as buttons. Thank GOD they didn't get your hair! Kidding. That totally cracked me up.

(Dude, is that Billy Joel in one of those shots?) ;)
I'm so glad you got to Montauk. Beautiful place, beautiful pictures.