A Little Bit of Knitting

This morning, my husband looked at my new swift which he bought me for my birthday (currently installed on the kitchen island) and he said, "Hey, wait a minute. It's not your birthday yet! When I buy stuff for you to give me for my birthday, I give it TO you and I WAIT to have it."

I waited.

"And then you forget to give it to me."

Uh, yeah. What was your point again?

(Anyway, he can wrap up the big ole mountain of sock yarn I he just bought for me.)

In other knitting news, I finally, finally, FINALLY finished Ei's socks. You know, the ones she won back in (oh, the shame) MAY. Granted, there were some issues with yarn procurement and loss --but in the end, girlfriend got some new socks. Here's Edward showing his excitement at the finished socks. (Jane likes to walk past him and say, "He looks so LIFE-LIKE.")

Now, I need to get moving on DK's that she won at the same time! (Oh, the SHAME.) (And people wonder why I don't do more giveaways.)

There WAS a knitting tragedy, though. I was making some socks for my friend Sherry who is battling breast cancer. My amazingly generous friend Kim sent me this most gorgeous yarn--a cashmere/merino blend dyed by this woman in Australia. This yarn is DIVINE to knit with and the colors are so beautiful and so subtle. It would be my favorite yarn ever except the woman who dyes it has gone on maternity leave and there's no more to be had presently.

This is an issue because the first sock I knitted for Sherry, which I even tried on her and everything, has gone missing. I think I may have left it in the X-Ray place when I went to see my doctor on Friday but since I don't even know the NAME of that place, it's proving a little hard to follow-up. There's not enough yarn to finish the sock I'm knitting and knit another whole one. If I can't get the sock back, I may cast on a pair for Sherry in this gorgeous Malabrigio I have but that will delay my gift and I'd really like to get the socks to her as soon as possible because she's going through a hard time.

Doesn't this one look so lonely?

Also on the needles is THIS sock,
but unfortunately, I have taken a totally unreasonable dislike to this yarn. I can't explain it--I love the colors, it's not pooling much but it's just... I just don't really like it. And not ONLY because of the yarn barf.
I can't WAIT until I get my ball winder...

In non-knitting news, yesterday was Very Special Person Day at Jane's school. The idea was that each second grader would invite a Very Special Person and host that person at the school after hours. She could only bring one person and Jane invited...are you ready?

Her big sister, Ana, almost 11.

Is that the coolest thing? I drove them to the school and then I just sat in the van, knitting for an hour or so, totally content. When they were done, they came out and we were all totally happy.

Oh, you guys, their relationship makes me so happy. Sometimes, I get glimpses of how they'll be when they're grown... and it's lovely. A sister is such a gift. (Even if they don't always remember that, *I* do.)

When we got home, they cuddled together on the couch, reading.

I'm such a lucky mom.


Anonymous said…
Those socks you made are great! They look so soft and warm.

hokgardner said…
It really is wonderful watching my girls be sisters. I look at them and how close they are feel like maybe, just maybe, I'm doing something right.
Unknown said…
oh thats so sweet. they will og through bad times I am sure but they will end up friends and that is awesome.

and edward's belly...there are no words
LaDonna said…
Oh, you are SOOO incredibly lucky to have your girls get along. I wish mine did for more than 5 minutes at a time.
mishshel said…
The pic of the girls is great. While my 6 and 3 year old boys never cuddle, I do get the feeling that they have a Mad Scientist/Apprentice type of relationship. =)
MadMad said…
Awww, that's the sweetest!
Hannah said…
Feel free to share insights on how you helped this harmony to develop. :-)
ccr in MA said…
I will send you sock-finding lucky vibes, because losing it would be so annoying. And also? I love Jane. Not only for the part at the end, but making me laugh out loud with:

Jane likes to walk past him and say, "He looks so LIFE-LIKE."
Miri said…
Very special indeed. Way to go Ana and Jane!
Anonymous said…
Oh, my God, if you haven't raised two of the most wonderful girls, then I don't know who has! That is just the sweetest thing ever! I hope you find your sock, but do not fret, as I'm sure there will be more Knittery goodness to be had soon. Well, not soon enough to whip out a quick gift, but soon.

Okay, Um, are you knitting from an unwound skein of yarn? No, it must be an illusion. Seriously?
My sock's not lost, Barb. It's just hiding in a couch or a chair or Scout has carried it off and will give it back eventually. Really, I'm not worried at all (and thanks for making a start, anyway!).
Yes, I also develop an unreasonable antipathy to yarn I am working with. There's nothing you can do about it but move on.
Anonymous said…
Can you knit a sock that will fit over a cast?
Tinkerbell said…
Better get crackin' on finding that other sock for Sherry. It was 76 today here in Austin and we'll get one more cold snap before the month's out then it's time for Spring. If we have anything to do with it, she won't need anything warm on her tootsies after that because we're going to try and keep her here in town as long as possible. :))
Ann in NJ said…
It is such a gift that your children not only get along but actually LIKE each other. We mostly get along, and occasionally like. And sometimes, of course, can't stand, but that's normal.
Mokihana said…
My girls were like that when they were young.... and you know what? They're all grown now and are still the same way! They adore each other and are best friends.

Truly, it can happen.