Today, I Came Back From Oz

Today, with my foot still safely taped and pain-free, I:

1. got the oil changed in my car
2. went to the post office
3. picked up a prescription at the drug store
4. went to Staples for photo paper
5. went to Barnes and Noble
6. picked up both girls from school
7. made all the beds
8. did laundry and took several loads upstairs to put away
9. took Scout on a little walk to deliver neighborhood newsletters
10. made several trips into the basement to empty the humidifiers and search for office supplies
11. Stood at the island in my kitchen and wound skeins of yarn. (Have I mentioned how much I love my new ball-winder and swift? Thank you, Coop--you RULE!)

I did all of those things without pain. I am still conscious of every step but not because it's painful but because it's NOT.

Before this latest break-though in the treatment of my foot, I would have been able to do ONE of those things and only one that didn't require much walking. And, Lordy, it would have cost me.

This afternoon I had to take the tape off per my doctor's instructions because he wanted the skin to calm down before my appointment tomorrow when he will tape me back up.

It was sort of the reverse of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy goes from Kansas to Oz and suddenly the world is in color and there are horses that change color and flying monkeys.

Which, well, brings up a question I've had since I first saw The Wizard of Oz back in grammar school: what was really so great about Kansas? I mean, Aunt Em was pretty dismissive and perpetually worried and if Dorothy went back, she was only going to have to deal with the dog-snatcher woman who wants her to give up Toto, and she'll be right back to walking the fence along the pig-pen and dreaming of life over the rainbow. Here she is, plunked down in a magical land in COLOR with beautiful poppy fields and ruby slippers and thousands of helpful munchkins and she has her DOG WITH HER-- why go back? There's no place like home, sure, but I'm thinking that maybe Oz is better.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I've really enjoyed this visit to Oz, foot-wise. I LIKE living like a normal person, doing the normal errands necessary for my little family. I LIKE not having to measure the expenditure of my finite number of steps in a day. I want to freaking SKIP DOWN THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD.

Dudes, Kansas is OVERRATED.

I think I'm going to click my heels together (gently) and say, "There's no place like Oz. There's no place like Oz."


Ei said…
I'm not sure the good people of Kansas would love the comparision of their state to the state of chronic pain.

My experience with Kansas, however, rather validates it.

Hugs. Can't wait to hear this is permanent-ish.
Barb Matijevich said…
You make a good point, Ei. I really meant to say the MOVIE DEPICTION of Kansas.

No offense was intended, Nice People of Real-Life (and Not Wizard of Oz Depiction) Kansas.
Katie said…
Click, Click, Click...there's no place like Oz.

I totally agree.
Unknown said…
i agree. my boss is form Kansas and he got out as soon as he could.

here is hoping the next taping is as successful and somewhere down the road there is very soon a PROCEDURE THAT MAKES THE TAPING UNNECESSARY!!!!!

(and would it be too much to ask for some Edward and Thomas photos next week? bellies if it's not too much bother)
Anonymous said…
I still don't get why you have to take the tape off. I wouldn't do it! I'd *say* I did it, but I wouldn't be able to. No way. I'm rather wimpy like that. And I wholeheartedly agree with you. It's not like Dorothy was going back to her parents. She had her dog... And in a few years, she'd be drinking her way through variety hours...
knittergran said…
I hope you don't ever have to go back to the metaphorical Kansas!
And I linked to you on my post yesterday-Coop raised an excellent question I had never thought about before....I guess it took a non-knitter to thing of it.
knittergran said…
THINK of it. geeze...
Always, Laura said…
I wish I could get that excited about running errands...
How exciting that something is working.
I never was a fan of the Wizard of Oz. Maybe because I grew up too close to Kansas. Little kid fears and all that jazz.
jen said…
I'm with Kim- I think I'd be keeping that tape on. But I applaud your ability to follow doctor's orders...I hope it continues to go well for you!