The Fun Never Stops

The past month has been a debacle for the Cooper family in terms of health.

Ongoing Plagues:

Ear infections: 4
Flu viruses: 3
Strep throat: 1
Colds: 4

Rounds of antibiotics: five plus one round of Tamiflu

We are only four people and the only thing I'VE had is a cold so you can imagine how sick everyone else has been. Jane has now missed so much school that I am worried I will have to sue the district to get them to promote her into 3rd grade. Ana currently has influenza AND strep throat. She is so sick --and she's my kid who is NEVER sick. She's probably only been on antibiotics ten times in her life and three of those have been in the past month. It's ridiculous.

And then we have the things that can't be so easily categorized. Because, well, of COURSE we do.

Barb's Foot: Which became mysteriously inflamed and resulted in yet another shot into her sinus tarsi cavity just this morning. I now offer to pick up bagels on my way to see my podiatrist in Queen. Every. Single. Saturday.

Scout's Bizarre Psychotic Break: Our completely neurotic cow dog Scout suffered an injury about six weeks ago. His leg has since healed but it has left him a complete emotional cripple. He's afraid of everything. We have to carry him outside. Coop has taken him running twice and dealt with crying for the first leg of the jaunt, which I'm sure makes people think we are sacrificing animals in our back yard. He loves it once he gets moving, though. Or we think he does because he's started watching Coop in happy anticipation. From his bed in the corner, from which he will not move because it is just too freaking scary out in the real world of, say, the kitchen. Dudes, I think we're going to have to look into putting him of doggy Prozac. (Please GOD, don't let the side effects of it be uncontrolled urination. Because you can just imagine what happens whenever we have to pick him up to carry him outside, right? I'm learning to change into old clothes first. Wish I was a quicker learner.)

Anyway, things continue to wax sick and stupid here at Chez Cooper. I am officially ready for Spring to arrive and for us all to get out of this house.

In other news, I have gotten divorced. Oh, no, not from my beloved Coop. I've left the South Beach Diet. You can read about it here (and the comments feature has been fixed. Not that I'm begging for comments or anything.) (Much.)


Susan said…
I think that any change in environment means that you will get sick more often than if you had stayed put. When I was teaching, even transferring from one school to another in the same city put me in line to come down with every single little virus that the children had. I suspect that the New York bugs are somewhat different (or differently evolved) than the Texas one. Hence, all the sickness in your family.

Tell Ana that I'm so sorry to hear that she got sick for her birthday!

I'm not surprised that you have parted ways with the South Beach diet. Eating sensibly and getting some exercise is the only way to go. If you deprive yourself of something you will only want it more. Everything in moderation is better. Now if I could only follow that advice every day.

I did manage to lose a lot of weight lately without even trying. It was from getting pneumonia. Although effective, I don't advise this as a weight-loss strategy.
Aren't the bagels fantastic up there?
I thought it was just Texas that was trying to kill us (cedar pollen, oak pollen . . . ), but I see NY can have the same ill effects. Much luck. It can't last forever!
Candy said…
Wow, you all have the plague or something. I hope you all feel better soonest. It sucks when everyone is sick :(
Jen said…
We are on the same page, here. I hope everyone recovers quickly!
Ei said…
Love you, Barb. Get better Cooper household, and Scout...sigh. Just give him a pat from me, if he'll let you.
Suna Kendall said…
I am so sorry about all the sickness, and suspect the same thing Susan does. New germs.

I hope the hotel party goes GREAT next week (to save commenting twice, I am commenting on two posts here--so efficient).
MadMad said…
Oh, Barb! It's just crazy! Hope Ana is better soon, and Scout, too!
Marion Gropen said…
Much sympathy to all.

Hang in there. Oh, and when plague breaks out in the junior brigade, have you considered introducing them to Club Penguin? Or buying a couple of Webkinz? Hours of amusement would ensue in our house.

And, perhaps you might show them the home of the LOLcat. They're usually G-rated, and they're also an obsession for my not quite 9 year old. Cats in funny positions with captions. What's not to like?
Unknown said…

Poor puppies,a ll of you...and it soungs like Scout does need something...maybe just a tranq?
Ann in NJ said…
Sounds like Scout does need prozac. At least for a bit.

I'm in agreement with the new germs theory. Not to mention that residual stress from moving (yes, I know it's been a year) wears down your defenses. Hope all are on the mend. Spring will come, even if it doesn't feel like it at the moment!
Mary Ellen said…
Yikes - you poor people! Illness sucks. You probably have to get through all the new germs and build up NY immunity.

Glad to hear you dumped SB. There are better ways (not that I'm an expert, but I, too, could not stick to a diet that didn't include ANY bread). I never even tried Atkins, because to me, any diet that doesn't include fruit is not a good one.

Hope your foot is doing better. I've been dealing with a foot issue for the last month and am at the end of my rope. I have no idea how you've managed to stay sane with your much-worse issues. You're a rock!
Anonymous said…
I'm just catching up and a bit afraid to ask... So, how are things? How is your foot? And Ana? And poor Scout?
Miri said…
Yikes. I can't believe what you've been through WHILE DIETING! "If I can make it here, I'll make it anyyywhere..." (Okay, so I've been in too many musicals and that one seemed appropriate for a minute.) Hang tough, Coopers!
Katie said…
Sorry about all the junk going on at your place. Hopefully things will start to look up soon!
MRS MJW said…
I have five children and we all had that nasty bug too. It lasted for weeks. I feel ya. :-)