Monday, Monday

This is a momentous week at Casa Cooper. Lots of big doings.

For starters, even as I write this, my mother is having hip replacement surgery in Dallas. It's her second hip replacement so it's not entirely terrifying but any surgery like this is fraught with danger and so my heart is splitting time between New York and Dallas. The girls and I are planning to send her a little something every day, starting today since she will be home from the hospital on Thursday. (Ah, the caring, nurturing side of insurance that allows such an EXTENDED stay in the hospital after such a major ordeal. Yeah, NOT. I'm telling you, there is a special place in hell for the people who make those insurance rules.) I'm thinking about yarn and photographs but I'd love suggestions if you have them.

For seconds, Friday will mark our New York Anniversary. On March 13th, 2008, Coop and I loaded up four animals and flew to Newark, rented a van and brought everyone (except our children who were in Dallas with my mom) home. I had promised myself that I would reserve judgment on our new state (the state of New York, that is, not my MENTAL state) until we'd been here a year. Now I'm not sure even THAT is fair since, for me, the last 12 months have been a Big Life Lesson in living with chronic pain. It's colored everything, you know? I don't have many friends here and I think it's because dealing with the pain, plus the resulting depression, have led me to give in to my hermit impulses. The weird thing about being shy, at least for me, is that while my first instinct is to make a little cocoon for myself and just stay there, I'm really happier when I've got some good girlfriends with whom to pal around. It's starting to happen, but I think it's slower than if I had been healthy and un-depressed over our first year here in New York.

Bigger even than both of those things is Ana's Birthday, which falls on Wednesday and, for the first time in her life, it will not be during Spring Break. She'll be eleven. She already got a new bicycle (because my husband is too little to have his own money and access to a bike store) and we're going to use some points to take her and three of her friends to a hotel overnight where we will swim and paint our nails and put on silly facial masks and tell ghost stories and maybe play cards. (Actually, I don't really know what we will be doing because I haven't figured that out yet.)

And then, of course, I pick up my new orthotics on Thursday. I am pinning a lot of hope on those things and some of you have expressed concern that perhaps I'm pinning TOO MUCH hope of them. It's true. I'm very hopeful that I'm going to get them and then a walk around the block will not be out of the question. But even if they don't work, I had several weeks there without any pain due to the taping of my foot so I KNOW something can be done. It makes such a huge difference when you know there is some relief to be had. You can bear anything if you know there is an end in sight.

I'll be keeping y'all posted on all counts,


Unknown said…
Just went an read your post about moving a year ago. Do you know I actually DROVE from WV to Alaska because I was so worried the airline might lose my dog??? I think if we lived close we could be friends because yeah, I get your anxiety of Sydney's first flight totally.
Miri said…
Wow! What a week. What a year. Happy, happy birthday to Ana. Eleven is a magical year.

Orthotics -- what a fitting way to start your new year of "bye bye" to chronic pain. Your mom's surgery -- may all go well and she be ready to go home by Thursday.

Plus: "too little to have money and access to a bike store"... you crack me up as usual!
Georgi said…
I moved about nine months ago, and it is hard to meet knew people and get out, especially when you don't feel well. I sometimes feel like not leaving the house, but I am forcing myself to take classes, just to meet other knitters. I hope that I when my one year mark gets here, I will be able to say, I am happy I moved.
Suna Kendall said…
I have only moved to a new town twice as an adult, and both times it really took a while to settle in and make real friends.

I just hope, hope, hope the orthotics do their job. I was so happy along with you when the taping helped!

I'll send vibes from Austin to Dallas for your mom!
Sue O said…
Having HOPE that the orthotics will work is a very good thing! Better to go into something new optomistic than with doubts. Either way you can not change the result so embrace the positive!
Anonymous said…
Oh, good luck to your mom! And to you too - I so hope it goes well! And Happy Birthday, Ana!!! (We share a day!!!!)
jen said…
I am so excited to keep hearing about the foot developments...I hope that the orthotics have long-term success. I have some chronic pain issues in my ankle from a car accident many, many, many years ago and I am so excited for you to find some relief! I know what a big deal it is to finally get that relief!
STQ said…
Hey Barb,

I hear ya on the moving/not having friends/hermit thing. We moved to Las Vegas this past summer, and I totally locked myself in the house and cried for three's now been 9 months, and I do have a couple of good girlfriends. Not really what I am used to nor what I want, but I'm getting there. It's funny how those hermit tendencies come out just when they really shouldn't, isn't it?? I'm lonely for Austin and all my good friends there too... can't wait to hear about your orthotics! Praying for great things... Luv, Suzanne
Anonymous said…
I don't know if I've commented much before, but I love your blog. I have a secret love of yarn that I hope to someday indulge...after the two-year-old stops destroying everything in sight. Your photos of soft variegated strands make me drool.

I hope everything goes well with your mother and happy birthday/anniversary. I am still adjusting to small town life in rural Virginia and I have been here for almost 4 years!
MadMad said…
It is tough to make friends in the winter, too - don't forget to factor that in! I am sure, that by the time summer rolls around you'll be fending off all the people who want to hang out with you. With sticks. Big ones. I swear.

Keep us posted on your mom and your foot! Fingers crossed on both counts!
Kathy Ireland said…
So, it's Tuesday, the hip surgery is done. How is she feeling?
Anonymous said…
I just want to give you a little 'plus side' to the very short hospital stay for hip replacements.. every minute in the hospital with that kind of surgery increases your chance of lethal infection like you would NOT believe, no matter how clean the hospital. At home you are exposed to germs your body is used to, not so in the hospital. It is hard to manage at home though. Hope she has a speedy recovery!
Ann in NJ said…
That is a momentous week. I'm crossing my fingers for you on the orthotics - NOT having to do surgery would be such a gift!

I have a husband like Coop, only it's the electronics store. How can they moan about how fast we spend money? I could buy SO MUCH yarn for what my hubby just spent on a small flat screen TV!

Hope your mom is recuperating well.