Hey Out There!

Hi! It's me, Barb.

Did you know I got a puppy? Have I mentioned that? You sure?

Want to see what I do all day?

(Videography by Ana who has had the puppy careen into her legs one too many times.)

That's right...I stand around all day watching the puppy and laughing.

Want to see more? Oh, sure you do... Here's where Scout is teaching Austin to get the paper.

Y'all forgive me for being a little excited, right? Because we've only had him since Friday. I think I've had two showers (counting the one I'm about to take) and about ten hours of sleep. He slept a good stretch last night--5.5 hours and I am not kidding, he appears to be housebroken. He's had one accident in the house since we brought him home.

Clearly, I have lost not only my heart to the puppy but I've lost my mind as well. I'm likely to tell perfect strangers, "Hey, we got a new puppy!" I promise to be back with a REAL post tomorrow. No, really.

(But isn't he so cute?)

(For those of you who get the blog via e-mail, there are several YouTube clips of our new dog, Austin, in this post. It you click on the post title, it should take you to the blog and you can run the videos there. Because I know how you can't get enough of my inane giggle.)


Unknown said…
I could watch that all day too! I love when puppies try to do big-dog stuff like carry things too big for them. Once when Finnigan was a baby we walked all through the little town in WV I lived in with him dragging a HUGE tree branch. people actually came out of shops and the gas station to watch and laugh.
(Have I mentioned I love puppies too??? I kept co,ming back to your site yesterday to see if there were any new photos...)
hokgardner said…
Oh my gah! I love the puppy bounce.
otter said…
I have had more accidents in the house since friday than your puppy has! I really should paper-train myself.
Puppies will increase the giggle-factor in a house by 800%, it's a fact, trust me, I'm a scientist.
Susan said…
Looks like Scout has found his purpose in life. Austin's little tail never stops wagging, does it? I never get tired of watching puppies play. Post as many videos as you want.
Sarah said…
Jen and I have bestowed unto you a lovely and marvelous blog award...

Come on by and check it out.


Cheers, fabulous blogger, cheers! Cheers for making me think, harder than I usually can on most days, and for making me laugh...harder than I usually should on most days.

Karen said…
OK, you are EVIL - because now what I want, more than anything else in this world (even more than for my townhouse to sell!) is A NEW PUPPY!!!!

Thanks for the videos, maybe if I watch them 27 times per day I will feel like I have my puppy fix ... ah, who am I kidding? I just posted on my own blog about the street dogs of Mexico and how much I loved them.

Maybe once I move and have a big, fenced yard ...

Thanks for the puppy news and don't fret about over-posting, WE LOVE IT!
MadMad said…
I think you made Scout's day, getting a puppy! (And P.S. How skinny are you?!)
Mary Ellen said…
I don't care if you post about Austin and Scout every single day. They are TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. I love how much they play together.

Sleep is overrated. Puppies grow up much too fast.
Jen said…
He is SO cute. And I LOVE his name. Enjoy puppyhood. I hear it goes fast.
knittergran said…
Cute, cute, cute!!!
And I hear a red-bellied woodpecker in the background.
Tiny Tyrant said…
He's a doll Barb.

I love the white patch on his butt. LOL.

What a Joy!