The CEO Speaks

Today has mostly been spent in preparation of the ten twelve fourteen eight-and-nine-year-olds who will be attending Jane's Ninth Birthday Chocolate Extravaganza tomorrow.

In my house.

For two hours.

When it's raining outside.

(Not that I'm bitter.)

So, part of those preparations were, naturally, the making of the cake.

Jane expressed her distaste for any icing that isn't chocolate and since the cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting, this left little in the arsenal for decorations of said cake.

I decided to use M&Ms.

In fact, I decided to make the CAKE an M&M, only instead of a lone "M" on the top, I would make a "J." For Jane. Because that's the birthday girl's first name.

I got a little carried away and Ana (11) and I started making a beautiful M&M mosaic.

We had gotten this far when the birthday Sergeant girl happened by, burst into tears and ran to her room.

This has happened before but this time I could NOT figure it out. What the heck? There was nary a sprinkle in sight!


It turns out that when I floated the idea of doing a giant M&M as the cake, Jane assumed the caked would have a "M" on it!! I mean, HELLO??!! If it has a "J" on it, it's not an M&M, now, is it? "J" does NOT EQUAL "M," now, does it?




So, I wiped the "J" off and wrote an "M" and then the CEO had her way with decorating the rest of the cake.

Because, you know what?

It's HER cake. I should have let her decorate it in the first place.

Say it with me now, "Process vs. Product. Process vs. Product. Process vs. (freakin') Product."

I am finally learning to let go of control (it's only taken me 45 years to do it) and to keep the end in mind. And the end I was hoping for here was a happy birthday memory.

Tune in tomorrow and I'll let you know how that turned out.


Michelle Paterson said…
Well duh! You didn't say J&J's! LOL The cake looks marvelous and I am sure the birthday party will be a huge success.

Your friend who also happens to have the same control issues!(wink)

Love ya!
smalltownme said…
You can order m&ms that say anything you want on them. Just saying. Both versions look great, but as long as the birthday girl is happy that's the important thing.
Anonymous said…
Shhhh. Don't tell but I liked the J way better than the M.

I love hearing stories like this it makes me feel better. It is often that my children are wildly unreasonable and I completely give in to their demands.
Anonymous said…
Loved both ways!!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!! 2 hours will just fly by Barb, no worries!

Susan said…
What a good Mom. And it did look great with the J, too. Hang in tomorrow!
Bullwinkle said…
The party will fly by - the girls will have a fabulous time, and everyone will go home and meltdown in the privacy of their own home.

Wait. That's me. Darn.

You're a great mom. Expectations and communication are (mostly) everything.
Kathy Ireland said…
I don't think the "control issue" is entirely yours.....

is it?

IS IT???

kim said…
Um, you are a very loving and patient mom. I think I would have lost it. The cake looks fab!