Distraction and Packing

I am packing for my family for a two-day ski trip.

Two. Days.

Skiing is one of those sports that requires a lot of gear.  As in, by the time I'm done packing, we might just want to keep driving and set up house wherever we run out of gas.  (Except we're not taking the pets and therefore we will be returning.  And then it will take us, oh, six weeks to UNpack.)

I can no longer ski, thanks to my FULF, so for me, I am packing yarn.  A lot of yarn.  More than any reasonable person could be expected to actually knit in two days.  (I just feel the need to make sure I DON'T RUN OUT.  I mean, what if there is some sort of yarn EMERGENCY and the only way for me to save the planet is to produce a large amount of yarn?? Y'all. What if someone needs hand-knitted socks and it's a matter of life and death and he or she wears a SIZE 16 Double Wide??


It could totally happen.)

Anyway, I'm rushing around making sure that we have long underwear and goggles, toothbrushes and socks, snow bibs and pajamas, sock yarn and mitten yarn... and I see this:

Sir Edward (Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful) Kitty is taking the day in stride.  Or, um, NOT in stride.

It's not hard to love a world that includes Edward's toes.

Happy Friday!


Marion Gropen said…
Edward's toes are "aww"-some.

And his furry belly, too!
Ream O Rama said…
How could you possibly walk by and not give in to the urge to rub that belly.

Clearly, you are a Very Strong Woman.
Unknown said…
OH I want to nibble on the little toe fluffs protruding in that photo!!!
Lynn said…
It's so much easier to pack for the beach!

LOVE Edward's toes!!
Tiny Tyrant said…
Your Edward's toes could give my Smokey Cat's toes a run for there adorableness.

Kitteh toe fluff makes everything better.
Anonymous said…
I love that cat! I'll petsit while you're away having fun.

ccr in MA said…
Oh! So cute! I love the belly shots. Does he let you put your face in his belly fur and snorgle it?

Have a good trip! Happy skiing and knitting, respectively.
You are lucky indeed to be a member on Edward's staff.
Bullwinkle said…
Omg. That belly is so smoochable!

You know, yarn is light. And it smooshes (technical term) into a small space. Take whatever you want. It'll be less volume and weight than the skis.
Anonymous said…
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Have Fun