(Gnome) Love Thursday

(I can't believe it's already Thursday. Who knew that forcing children to go to a really fun tennis camp and intervening in their incessant bickering could make time go so quickly?)

So before my friend Lin moved to Colorado, she gave me a garden gnome. I had knitted her some socks and she started calling them her "Gnome Socks" and threatening to take pictures of herself wearing them wherever she went on her travels...well, it's one of those jokes that doesn't translate well because it's the kind of joke people make to keep from crying. (I find that many of my jokes are either to keep myself from crying or have the the odd effect of making other people cry. You think that's a bad thing?)

Anyway, she bought me a REAL garden gnome.

And I really DID cry.

But NOW, I am over the crying and on to the Trying to Make Lin LAUGH stage of things. So, I've been taking the gnome with me all over and taking pictures of it.


We took the gnome (who still needs a name) with us to our Local Yarn Store:

And out to eat pizza (The fighting thing? As an example: we discovered a pizza place named "Anna's Pizza" and Jane got completely out of sorts because it wasn't named JANE'S Pizza. Because obviously I did that on purpose. Because, clearly, I love Ana more.)

The gnome went with us to tennis camp:
And actually, a myriad of other places but unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera. Just yesterday, I went to Queens for my nifty 3D CT scan of my foot and then a visit to my foot doctor. Probably a good thing I forgot my camera since maybe walking around Middle Village with a Garden Gnome, a nice camera and bag full of knitting is just inviting trouble.

(As an aside: The place where I went for my CT scan (Forest Hills) was CRAWLING with cops. Everywhere I looked, there were cop cars and vans and you know me...I thought, "Holy COW, I'm in the middle of a CRIME SCENE! Where's the yellow tape?? Should I even be trying to drive here? I'll probably be killed! It's probably some ORGANIZED CRIME shake down!"

Um, well, nope.

Turns out that the 112th NYPD headquarters was just down the street from the imaging place. And apparently, THEY can't find decent parking places, either.)

Anyway, I'm 'fessing up about the Gnome Project (Hey, I know! We could call him Gee and then it would be the GEE-Gnome project! Get it? Get it? Anyone crying?) because it's been almost a week since Lin left and if my memory serves me correctly, it's about that time in my own cross-country move when I really, really, really needed a laugh.

And also because this morning, I took the gnome into the really crowded bagel place by our house. I waited in line with the gnome tucked under my arm, ignoring the stares from the New Yorkers all around me. (New Yorkers do this thing that's a cross between a total dead-pan look and a look that very clearly says, "I see that garden gnome and frankly, you frighten me. But I don't want to get involved. So, this is me not noticing you." I'm sure y'all have noticed this, too, on your own Gnome Travels.) Anyway, all that not noticing me was making me sweat so when I got to the counter, I placed my order, explained the Gnome Project as fast as I could (which meant I had to explain it twice, given my drawl) and pulled out my camera and went to take my picture.

I had left my flash card at home. No picture.

But, so...well, Happy Love Thursday anyway. (Lin, the Bagel Boss people send their love, too.) Have Gnome; Will Travel.


Mrs.Q said…
So, I was just looking through my mom's pictures of us at the dinosaur museum, and there's one she took of dad & I setting up a sock picture with the T.Rex...and she got a bystander in the frame, who is totally enthralled and perplexed (and perhaps a little unnerved) by whatever the heck those people over there are doing with all those toothpicks and string...and that has got to be the best run-on sentence evar! Anyway, I get the gnome reactions. And Gee is a perfectly good name for a gome, but you should know that I am clearly 12 when it comes to some things. Just sayin'.
DK said…
The Gnome Project. I so heart it.

He's pretty cute, too.
Unknown said…
Gee Gnome, LOVE it.

Hey, you should send him to me and I can take a photo of him in Nome!!! I need an excuse to visit there....
Anonymous said…
I vote for Wyatt.

He's very cute. We have extremely different gnomes in the Great White North.

Mine has his bare butt sticking in the air and my neighbours is wearing a trench coat...and flashing!!
hokgardner said…
I gave my mom a garden gnome for her birthday one year, but she's never taken him anyplace for pictures. I think that should be her next project.

I took pictures of my knitting everywhere I went in DC when I was there last fall. I got strange looks from people outside the White House.

And I vote for Gee Gnome.
deb said…
You need to call the gnome 'Lin' since it came from Lin. "Lin, the gnome" ...kinda sounds wacky, tho.
I vote for Gee (or G.) Gnome (short for Garden Gnome). Love the idea of the traveling gnome. If you must go very far afield (involving suitcases), perhaps you can make a "flat" version to bring along.
Katie said…
I love your little G.nome. Har.

Hope you are feeling better.
Miri said…
I love the seat belted Gee.

The upside of this is that every time you say "Gee," it'll make you think of your friend.

Gee, that sounds fun.
LaDonna said…
Love the Gee Gnome Project! Yes, Gee is the perfect name...yes yes yes!!!

This actually reminds me of when Paige's 2nd grade class did a project on the book Flat Stanley (remember those??). Each child made a Stanley and had to send him to someone out of state. My daughter sent hers to my old drama teacher from high school. She still teaches in Florida and Stanley had some wonderful adventures with her students. State drama competition, the beach, even a hurricane! Paige was THRILLED when she sent pictures and daily email updates of Stanley's adventures.
Oh, you could have way more fun with this. You could explain to us cynical, ethnocentric New Yorkers that the gnome-carrying is a Texan thing. Really - everyone down there does it.
Stefanie said…
Oooooh my gosh, you HAVE to name it Gee!!

I love the pictures of Ana and Jane. They're both just so adorable!
DK said…
George. Geoffery. Geeves. Gordon. Gustav. Gabriel. Gaston. Giordanno. Gus. Gary. Gene. Gideon. Gerome (ha! Gerome the Gnome!). Gregory. Greer. Guillermo. Grant. Graham. Geronimo.

That's all I can come up with for G. Gnome. Oh - but I did find this with a Google search.
Tenna Draper said…
Barb, I think you should call him Lefty.

Because when I was a kid, my father's favorite saying was

"Where can I get a left-handed gnome?" and he pronounced it guhnomee.

Lefty works for me.

And I'm going to the garden center to get my own.
Lynn said…
OMG I totally get that "Anna's pizza place so you love her more than Jane" conversation!! I get that here too. I'm not sure if its the age thing (mine are 9 & 6) or a sibling thing. It's not the same sex thing since my 9 y/o is a boy and the 6 y/o is a girl. Actually that brings up more issues since the 6 y/o GIRL tries hard to keep up with the 9 y/o BOY and there are times she comes pretty close which causes the BOY to have another reason for a fit. I have to say that I did tell whoever was complaining that I did it because I loved the other one more. OMG the looks on their faces was priceless!! LOL then we had the conversation of *do you REALLY think I love the other one more than the other?* once they got that thru their thick skulls, its a running joke now. It basically means you guys are really pushing mommy's buttons and you better STOP! I figure its fodder for their therapy when they are older and its still better than my mom telling me she'd take me to the corner orphanage. (again another running joke between us).
Love it! What a great story! It's a little like the Flat Stanley project I had to do for my niece and nephew. Gnome on!