Texas, Day One

That was the temperature reading on our rented mini-van as we drove out of the airport on Friday. Dudes, that is some kinda brain-melting, soul-sucking, clothes-soaking hot.

I had forgotten.

So, do you want to hear something really strange? Our rental van has New York license plates. Seriously.

Also, before we reached our friends' lake house where we are spending the first part of our vacation, we stopped at a Wal-Mart to buy necessities. My husband, because he looks so young (not that I'm bitter), got carded buying beer. The cashier looked at his New York license and said, "New York, huh? I'm from Long Island."

We are in the middle of nowhere and the first person we meet is from Long Island?

And you wanna know what else?

The people here drive really slow.

I'm just sayin'.

(Okay, so I know that should be "Slow-LY" to be adverbially accurate but it's funnier the way I wrote it. (To me, anyway.) But I do know better, Mom. Really.)


The question is, why is it funnier that way? I agree with you, but if you analyze it, it's hard to figure out why. At first, I thought it was because having two "-ly" words in a row ruined the emphasis. But that's not it.
Ei said…
Don't over analyze the comedy...sure way to ruin it.

Stay cool, Barb.
hokgardner said…
And the funny thing is? It's cooler here in Austin this week than it's been all month.

Welcome back to Texas.
Stefanie said…
Well it's 70 degrees here AND raining really hard. We can average the two temperatures and find ourself a nice middle ground. (86 degrees, to be precise.)
The drivers are slower in Texas? Yes, they are, according to my memory, now fading after just five weeks. Since coming to New England, it's only the fact that I drive a rental car that I'm not going to get a bumper sticker that says: "I DRIVE GREEN. BTFO!" Uh, the B stands for "Back". The rest of the letters are, I imagine, decipherable.
Katie said…
Mad-LY laughing at Sherry Sea's comment and the bumper sticker...I want one too!

I think folks drive slower(LY) in the country so they don't risk spillin' their beer. LOL!
MadMad said…
Ugh. This not having a laptop cord thing is killing me. I FINALLY get a chance to catch up on blogs, and I am so behind! There is so much good stuff here. I can't believe it. The knitting! The going home! The food! Oh, it's killing me. I hate it when I'm stupid. And slow.