And Now, A Little (Love Thursday) Panic

Tomorrow, I am taking my daughter Ana, newly 11, and four of her friends to an overnight at a hotel. My husband and our younger daughter Jane (8) will join us for swimming in the evening and then he'll bring her home and it will just be me. With five Tweens for whom I am responsible.

Y'all, I don't even LIKE children.

Okay, okay, that's a big lie. I'm just panicking. I DO actually like children a lot, especially the birthday girl in this little scenario. I like her so much, in fact, that just now, I completely lost my mind and made her dessert sushi at her request.

To make dessert sushi, (an idea I totally stole from here) you make a batch of Rice Krispie Treats:

and then you press them out onto a greased cookie sheet.

You place gummi worms on the Rice Krispie treat mixture horizontally and roll the treats over the worms.

I had problems with my Rice Krispie mixture falling apart and what worked best for me was to press the heck out of it. Then you cut it into slices and wrap the little slices with fruit froot roll-ups.

Then, for a change of pace, you can make some little eggs of Rice Krispie stuff and wrap them a different way.

If you work diligently, you'll end up with a tray that looks like this:

I was going to make some "wasabi" out of white chocolate tinted green but then decided I was getting too obsessive and I shouldn't spend hours on something that really wouldn't matter to anyone.



But anyway, back to my panic. I have assembled some really awesome spa bags for the girls with bath pillows and nail polish and facial scrubs and all kinds of other cool girly pampering stuff and I have stuff for them to eat. I figure everyone will meet at our house and we'll have pizza and then I'll drive them all to the hotel. We'll swim. We'll come back to the room for cake and presents and then...

And we'll...

Well, I don't know WHAT we'll do.

Send help and/or room service if you haven't heard from me by Sunday.


Unknown said…
oh that sounds fun and I am sure the girls will be at no loss for what to do...
Stefanie said…
That is so clever!! I love the dessert sushi idea. As for after you swim... You guys should do some prank calls to Mark or something. Wouldn't that be fun? Bring movies or the Wii or something too and do girly things with the girls. You'll have fun. Give Ana a big hug for me.
Marion Gropen said…
I'm with you in spirit. Hosting birthday parties can be seriously taxing, but so rewarding.

I'm sure you've already thought of all of this and more, but here are a few suggestions for Mom's Magic Bag:
1. some Mad Libs
2. a travel-version of a game they like
3. rules for a mild type of Truth or Dare, or something that feels adventurous. (Don't let it get into sensitive territory, though -- be prepared to abort it for something like room service dessert orders).

It might be useful to contact room service at the hotel ahead of time, and find out if they can do a fun-looking smoothie, or something. If they're ready, you can order down for those.

Oh, and good luck. Let us all know ASAP that you've survived!
Suna Kendall said…
Tween girls are very good at screeching. I think that's the last thing on the list...(can you tell I have boys?)

That dessert sushi is such a hoot.
Kathy Ireland said…
Well if Ana is anything like my almost 11 year old, you should bring a book, or an iPod. The girls, I'm thinkin', will be quite happy after their swim and their cake to huddle together and giggle and hug and giggle some more.
You'll have a blast! Girls are so fun (much better than boys!)
MadMad said…
Oh, boy. I have no useful advice to give you... but I do have a question. How on Earth did you spend all that time/effort making those sushi pieces and not cheat on your diet?! That's just making it harder
jen said…
I love the sushi! Love, love, love it! You are quite the clever lady, lady!

After you all swim and have cake and whatever, you'll have to sit out in the hallway with a book while the girls stay up all night and eat junk and talk and play...bring a good book, mama!
Barb Matijevich said…

Oddly enough, Rice Crispy Treats and Gummi worms are not the stuff of my dreams. Now if it had been Haribo Gummy BEARS and some chardonnay, all bets would have been off.

I'm a Gummi Snob. I admit it.
Barb Matijevich said…
OH, and I forgot to tell y'all --I have an adjoining room! Oh, the Cleverness of ME! Close but not so close as to want to wear earplugs. Hopefully.
Mokihana said…
I linked to you over at alohaworld so all my friends from back home can see the sushi, you clever girl you!

Ummm.... can I come to the party????
Mokihana said…
PS... for the sushi, I mean.
Anonymous said…
That sushi is genius!!!

But honestly I am a little afraid for you. I had 6 10/11-year-olds here for a a sleepover a few months ago and I am still recovering!!!!

It was a nightmare! Lost cell phones, crying, drama...they were up until 4 a.m...

But I'm sure your daugher and her friends will be perfectly behaved ;)