So, There We Were

I forgot my camera cable so I can't post photos until I get home of the awesome hotel rooms my husband arranged for Ana's overnight birthday party. I am having one of those days where I appreciate my husband and how much he does to make things run smoothly in my life...I guess I should tell him.


Anyway, here I am. In a hotel, overnight, with four Tweens, who have, very remarkably, much higher volume and pitch than when the number is less. It's very interesting. I'm sure you are fascinated.


Okay, so that's all the blogging I got done from the party. For some reason, I thought I'd have a lot of time on my hands, because I assumed the girls would be doing their own thing and not want me to be a part of it.

I was right about that part.

I was wrong about how much I would feel I needed to clandestinely supervise them while they were in the swimming pool, though. And not because they weren't all great swimmers--they were.

It was really because of how beautiful they were, with the long, lanky grace of wild colts. And how conscious I was of the responsibility of all that beauty being on my watch. Suddenly, every single male human I saw, with the exception of my husband, scared the bejesus out of me. I didn't really even want the girls swimming in the same POOL as boys.

Honestly, my reaction totally shocked me. It's like right then and there, I officially began to pay for everything I put my parents through as a teenager. Welcome to the rest of my life.

Y'all, this is not going to be pretty. And Ana's only ELEVEN.

I do think that everyone, with the exception of this worried Mama Bear, had a good time. And mercifully, the girls fell asleep at midnight.

After I doubled checked all the locks and stole all of their shoes, so did I.


Candy said…
Glad she had a good party... I don't think having a teenager is going to be easy, I'm glad you get to do it first ;)
Oooh, yeah, it just gets better from here. Ask me about the swing dance party last night and the husbands of my 2 good friends staging a manhunt in the backyard for my missing teen daughter and her boyfriend. "We weren't doing anything!" she protests. Yeah, well do it in the house, friends have got your back.
Mary Ellen said…
I'm sometimes glad I only had boys - but then I think of all the girlie fun and I'm a bit jealous, too.

What a great mom you are to throw such a fun party!
Lynn said…
Yep, I know that Mama Bear feeling all too well: I raised five girls.
Ann in NJ said…
We're on the cusp of that as well - my 11-yr old is also budding into a terrifying, beautiful thing.

I'm told the transformation to teen-ager, with the accompanying interest in boys and fashion and all that is sudden and irreversible.

I'm scared.
Becca said…
I have an 11 year old too, and as much as I just LOVE this age with her, I also feel like we are just on the incline of the roller coaster right now. It's going to be one heck of a ride.

It seems like just yesterday I was washing these impossibly small little tiny socks. Now I'm washing teeny tiny little bras.
Unknown said…
I know exactly how you feel about the blossoming beauties. Just wait because over the next few years they are just going to become more and more fetching. It is amazing and you get to do it twice. Since you can't lock them up - keep them talking and if they won't talk to you, keep talking to them.
Mama Ava said…
Oh, Barb. *sigh* My oldest is 14 (boy) and his current age doesn't tear at my heart as much as the thought of my youngest becoming that age does. Is it because she's the youngest, or because she's a girl? When I was pregnant and found out I was going to have a girl, I was disappointed because I was looking forward to a 3rd boy. Now, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know I will fight more with her than with the others, but I love her beyond reason. Not more than my boys, just....differently.
MadMad said…
Awww... Sounds like a great time was had (except by you - but there you go. Mom's NEVER have the good time.) Now wouldn't it have been funny if we'd been at the same hotel....? I suppose you were closer to home, though.
Miri said…
Oh, please, Blogger, let me leave a comment. Ana is so darn cute! And you are a fantastic mama.
Kate said…
It is so crazy how fast they grow up and we soon become what our parents were. I think your blog is great, I will be back.
LaDonna said…
She's in 5th grade now? Wait until 6th grade. I think there's some unknown force that drops the teenage "attititude" off at your house. Your child just instinctively knows how to use it and immediately incorporates it into every interaction with you. sigh! Then there's 7th grade...oh, I'll spare you for now.

I'm so glad to hear Ana had a great birthday party!
DK said…
I so totally love that you stole their shoes...looks like a great bday!!

(I'm at work...I should be working...instead I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading...)