Equilibrium--Um, NOT

So, I've been falling down a lot lately.

I told you of my experience with the black ice. And I told you of falling down in yoga (which continues, actually. If I didn't love it so much, I'd just give up and stay home.) (Well, okay, that's a lie.) I also had a really tremendous fall off of my bicycle trainer --and y'all, that is not easy to do. I mean, you know that scene in PeeWee's Big Adventure when he's riding the motorcycle and he just falls over sideways with the bike on top of him? Like that. No bones broken but my ego was pretty bruised.

I've also had more than my share of spilling things and dropping things and near-misses with my car, (including one I'm especially proud of where I almost backed over Jane's drum teacher's compact car in my own driveway. ) (Also? One day I got out of my car and looked for my clicker thing to lock it and realized that, um, the car was still running.) (Oops.)

I've been through times that were similar to this before in my life.  When I was falling in love with my husband, for example, I fell down and spilled stuff all the time --sometimes ON HIM.  It was very funny, especially once I figured out how to get red wine out of carpet.  I just felt like I'd been in an earthquake, or was out on a boat on the ocean.  I feel like that now--the ground seems to be shifting underneath my feet and I can't quite get my balance.

I'm sure something's up, though, because I don't feel like this is a time of rest. (Who can rest with all of this falling down?) I don't feel QUIET, necessarily...I feel watchful and alert. I'm not even impatient (although I am getting a little sore from falling on the concrete all the time.)  I feel like something major is happening; I just can't see what it is yet.

Just to make sure I'm prepared, though, I've caught up on all the laundry and organized my spice rack.  I gassed up the van and I went grocery shopping.  The cleaners came yesterday and I threw the ball for the dogs for a long time today.  So, you know, I'm just sayin', Universe, any time you're ready, you can stop bouncing me off of the pavement and let me in on the next big thing.

I'm listening.


smalltownme said…
Well, I hope it's a good thing.
Lynn said…
Vertigo? Inner ear infection? Insufficient chocolate in your carburetor?
Bullwinkle said…
Oh Ouch! I've been there with the falling down "seasons". I love your perspective on the issue (and the phrase "bouncing me off the pavement").

Keep listening. And maybe think about some elbow and knee pads.
Shaatzie said…
I think I might be inclined to call the doctor, the one who listens to you. Trust your intuition, as you're doing, and you will be prepared for anything.

Is it the foot thing?

Take care.
Barb Matijevich said…
I don't THINK it's a physical malady. Actually, I hesitate to say this out loud but...my suspicion is that I'm about to have a creative breakthrough with my writing. I have this new idea rolling around in my brain and it keeps knocking me off balance, I think.

I really hope that's what it is and not, you know, Parkinson's or something.
Judy said…
I had a very spiritually attuned chiropractor who referred to those sorts of things as "universal adjustments." She explained there were times when my body needed realignment, and it would attract an experience from the universe in order to accomplish the adjustment.
TexasPeach said…
Hmm..maybe your house is going to sell soon??? Hopefully whatever it is, it's good :-)
Anonymous said…
I like it very much!