Love (NYC) Thursday

Y'all won't believe what I'm doing. Well, okay maybe you will.

For the third straight Love Thursday in a row, I am cleaning my house before our house guests arrive. Well, houseGUEST, in this case. Singular. My mother-in-law.

She's coming to stay with the kids while Coop and I fly to New York for the weekend. We leave tomorrow morning at some incredibly early time.

I'm trying to lay in supplies to ensure that my MIL isn't completely tortured while she's here (MadMad, she LIKES to do crafts with the girls!), and also that there's a bit of a buffer for her in the form of play dates arranged and fun outings planned. I still shudder when I think about the time she was visiting and she and Jane were coming up the walkway and Jane slammed and locked the door in my MIL's face.


(Stop laughing. I was mortified.)

And of course, Jane was really sick this week and only went back to school today. So, she is truly in the loveliest, most gracious mood right now. I'm sure she's going to be utterly charming and helpful the entire time we're away.

Yeah. Right.

Compared, well...Satan.

AND, did I mention that she's still on antibiotics? Antibiotics that I have to threaten her EVERY SINGLE TIME to get her to take? AND that she takes four capsules every day? I don't know how my MIL is going to do it.

The real problem is that because she was sick, I was stuck at home, too. So we are out of groceries and paper towels, I still haven't gotten the kids' Halloween costumes figured out AND my mother threatened me with utter humiliation if I went to New York wearing my current style of bra. I'm not sure what she thinks will happen if I show up in Manhattan wearing ill-fitting foundation wear but clearly, it's very, very bad. I'm picturing cops in riot gear. And also, this week, our school has Early Release on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for parent teacher conferences (more about that after I finish packing) so the kids got home at 11:45 today. Oh joy!

So, with all this to do and such little time in which to do it, guess what I did this morning? I went shoe shopping for some vaguely orthopedic-looking shoes that I can use while walking around New York.

Darn attractive, don't you think?

And get this: after I bought them, I went by the place when I get my physical therapy and had my Physical Therapist APPROVE them. I honestly think that the recovery from my foot surgery has scarred me for life.


Okay, gotta go Swiffer the dog hair.


hokgardner said…
Despite all the prep work for your trip, which I completely understanding having just gone away, I am so envious of your trip. I *heart* NYC and would kill for a trip there right about now. Especially since the girls are at the table arguing over who gets what color bowl for their snacks.
MadMad said…
OMG.OMG! I had so much to say about all the other stuff in your post... and then I saw your "orthopedic shoes" and now have only this to say: THEY are what I got FOR MY FREAKING ANNIVERSARY!!! I intended to blog about it, the romance of it all, but got caught up in other things...

Anyway, good luck getting ready for NYC - sounds like you're going to need it. (Or not - once you leave, it's someone else's problem, right? Just go have fun!)
Anonymous said…
You know what those shoes NEED, don't you? Some beautiful hand-knit socks to set them off....

Hope you have a wonderful time in NYC!
Anonymous said…
hey speaking as someone who had foot surgery - you will be soooo glad you bought those shoes!

Get out those handknit socks and show them off

hope you get to see and shop at some great places on your trip.
Mrs.Q said…
Enjoy your trip! (And sensible shoes are never a bad thing.)
Suna Kendall said…
Like they said, you really need to knit YOU some socks. Or come get a pair of mine...but you left already no doubt.

About bras: a lady I don't even know emailed me yesterday to tell me that I'd look SO much better in a sweater I knitted if I just had a better bra that would lift "the girls" up higher. I hate to tell her that the bra I have on is what gives me any "girls" at all. It's just a weird sweater. Oh well. Wardrobe advice can come from anywhere, I guess.