I Love Our Neighborhood

Yeah, I'd say that we were a lee-tle tired yesterday. This morning when I went out to walk the girls to school, I noticed that my van had one side door and the trunk open. As in, left open all night.


I just laughed and closed it up. In THIS neighborhood, I was pretty certain nothing would be missing --although I was grateful that, for once, I hadn't left my purse in the car.

(Please note, in the spirit of full disclosure, that this picture was not taken this morning but is, in fact, a recreation for the blog. The truth is that as much as I wanted to take a picture this morning, we were already running late and had to leave. Especially because we were walking and I'm not so fast a walker these days.)

Yep. Tired.

Things are looking up, though. We got our first offer on the house today. It's not an acceptable offer but it's nice to get an offer when the house hasn't even been on the market for two weeks. We're countering and I'll keep you posted. Right NOW, though, I'm going to bed.

Right after I check the car.


Lynn said…
Reminds me of the time that LittleBit mislaid my car keys when she was about ten, and I made her go look in the dumpster, and we found them in the car door on the passenger side. Yeah, she was late for school that day, because she had to go back in and change her clothes.

Family life; ain't it great?
We've done that...a lot. And the purse in the car thing? Yup.
Emily Cole said…
I leave my purse in the car almost all the time - yep, unlocked too! Unfortunately, our neighborhood isn't one where you should do this! I haven't had anything stolen, but we're right next to a pretty busy road in the town, and there are tons of folks walking around all of the time! Was the battery dead? I need a new one, so it dies after only about 10 minutes!
LaDonna said…
You know, people ask me all the time why I would want to live in a place like North Dakota (especially this time of the year!). The answer is simple...something like this would not worry me in the slightest. Not that I go out of my way to leave my car open, but if I did, I can take comfort knowing that everything would be OK.

A friend of mine told me once that the front door lock on her mother's house had broken and she had never gotten it fixed. Funny thing is, it had been broken for 12 years!
Barb Matijevich said…
I'm right there with you --only in a better climate. Well, right now.)

I wasn't going to say this until we moved but we NEVER lock our back door. For the first four years we lived here, my husband didn't even have a house key. I told SC earler that normally we leave the GARAGE up opn accident. This was just a whole new height of absent-mindedness!

I love that I feel so safe here. I hope I get the same feeling in our neighborhood on Long Island.
Ei said…
sigh...my eldest's car seat was stolen out of XH's car while we had my car at the hospital during the birth of DS2. Needless to say, I've never lived in that neighborhood.