This Is What I Do

There is this great song by Rhett Miller called, "This Is What I Do."

(I swear to you, minutes ago, there was a video embedded here. But I don't know what happened to it and not only that? All of YouTube appears to be gone. Maybe having some sort of server problems or something. I promise it is not related to anything I did. No. Really.) (I hope.)

This is what I do this is what I do
Every one of us has a secret rhythm beating like a drum
All of us have a albatross and this is my one
This is what I do for a living this is what I do

Well, this is what *I* do.

I give really great children's birthday parties.

Except that greatness is defined by creativity and not by, say, organization.

Take for example, today. (Please.) Today is Ana's tenth birthday party--even though her birthday isn't until March 11. Ana's birthday always falls within the Texas Spring Break --which I know she thinks we did on purpose just to mess with her. Last year, Ana didn't get a birthday party because we gave her a week of horseback riding lessons and a small family party. (I think she'll be getting over not having a ninth birthday party some time in her thirties. At least we will know exactly which non-event to blame for her adult neurosis.) Anyway, in an act of further parental callousness, we will be MOVING to Long Island on her birthday this year. Because that just sounds so much more fun to me than throwing a party of a bunch of kids.

(Well, honestly, it's pretty much a toss up.)

(Just kidding!)

So, we're having her party today and we've heated the pool because it's going to be, I'msosorrypleasedon'thatemeyounortherners, SEVENTY-NINE degrees and sunny, sunny, sunny. Truly, it's like a reproach to us --Austin seems to have shrugged off the mantle of winter and to be pulling out all the stops to show us exactly how spectacular the weather can be here. I just try to keep reminding myself that in July when it's hotter than the fire of Hades here, we'll be coming back for a visit.

But I digress.

Anyway, Ana's party this year is a Puppy Party. So, I cobbled together a cake in the shape of a bone out of a store-bought cake and some cupcakes--because I can't be getting the kitchen all messy what with the house being on the market and incredibly snotty Realtors walking through at every damn inconvenient moment. (Not that I'm bitter.)

Get it? DOG years!! Ah me, I kill myself.

Are these the cutest goody-bags you've ever seen?

But you know where my Kid Birthday Party Planning Genius is REALLY evident?

Make Your Own Kibble.

(Note the serving dishes. All of my plastic, pool-friendly bowls have already been packed up so I bought these dog dishes at the grocery store and they were CHEAP. Even at our grossly-overpriced grocery store.)

No, stop, stop --no applause! Truly, you are too kind. After all, this is just what I do.

Well, that, and this:


Anonymous said…
Oh. My. God. For Jessie's I think....3rd or 4th party it was NOT 79 degrees here, ahem, but she had a puppy party too!

I wish I had enough energy to find the photos...but, she wore a spotted dalmatian dress, I made a GIGANTIC bone shaped caked (that kind of ended up looking like a "2-headed" penis, and there was a pinata and the loot bags were dog bowls with the kids names on them and the filled the bowls with stuff for the pinata AND for dogs (of course) and homemade KIBBLE!

I never told you about this party, did I? We just threw exactly the same party - 6 years and 1500 miles apart.
Mrs.Q said…
Will you plan my birthday party?
That's sweet of you to do it early - though I don't know how you managed, what with having to keep the house show-ready...actually, I don't know how you are managing at all. My house was on the market for exactly 4 days, and that was about 2 and a half days too long. My poor children - I did nothing but yell at them the whole time.
DK said…
Wow. So. Cool. Can you do my thirtieth?

Maggie approves, too. She says, "woof!"

Love the socks.
Damsel said…
Moving on one's birthday is NOT fun, but it can be recovered from. We drove from Tennessee to Austin on my 14th birthday, and MY job during that trip was to manage my 18-month-old sister. Yay.

I'm so stealing this birthday party idea someday. Just warning you.
Stefanie said…
If those socks disappear, don't check my bag.

Oh, and if my bag happens to meow, I swear. Really. Just leave it alone. I know the temptation will be great, but, um... Stay away!

Great party today. I feel like I got my fair share of Vitamin E from the sun (it is V.E, right?) and it was lovely.
Anonymous said…

At least you know it didn't have anything to do with you! :)
Lynn said…
After you plan Mrs. Q's next party and DK's 30th, will you help my kids plan my 60th? You have four years and six weeks. I want Harleys *and* Elvis. Oh, and Sean Connery to recite "Happy Birthday to [Me]".

Loved the goodie bags. Please do not put support stockings and Geritol in mine!

And oh yeah, giving you a thumbs-up on those socks, too.
hokgardner said…
I think your new career should be kid party planner! I'd hire you.
N. Maria said…
What an incredible idea for a birthday!!! I have lots of ideas now from yours.
Your socks rock!!! ....they spoke the right language to you. ;)
Knitting Rose said…
That is absolutely adorable. I may have a 'Dog themed' party for ADULTS! I just love the ideas you had! And the socks are lovely!
Ei said…
Barb,on the weekend of Ana's birthday I will be hosting a bowing party for someone's 6th birthday (who WILL NOT SETTLE FOR CUPCAKES THIS YEAR, by the by). I only wish I knew I could do it up half as well as you do.

I am making the cake. I'm not fantastic, but I DO love doing it.

Oh and on crafty matters, my friend sent me a link for FSM treats that look yummy and have EDIBLE googly eyes. I'll have to send this to you because I know you will find a way to use them. :)
ckh said…
Barb, you're an inpiration! I think I just may copy your party idea. My youngest has had two puppy parties in her four years and neither were as creative. Maybe the third time is a charm.

We moved on my husband's birthday (almost) two years ago. I arranged for a cake, presents, and Indian food to be picked up/delivered by my folks so that he would have something and *I* could keep working. Then I got absolutely NO credit for having done anything.

I'm sure your daughter will know that a new adventure in her life begins when she turns 10. It's all good.
Anonymous said…
Wow - I do bow down to your birthday party genius! Make you own Kibble??! All I can say is - WOW! Now, how to talk my daughter into wanting a puppy party? lol
boxer mom said…
I am very jealous of your party, I am terrible at birthdays, my children are lucky I remember theirs. (I actually forgot my husband's 30th - which is a whopping nine days before mine - and only realized it when I went out to get the mail and my mother sent him a card. Yes my mother remembered and I didn't!)

And do you want to know why I am so impaired birthday-wise? It all started in 1974, when we moved to Texas on my birthday - March 11! I am totally not making this up. I still give my parents a hard time about it. (It must be the day.) So milk it Ana, for all it's worth.