Wordless Wednesday

I know it's Friday. I also know that it's fairly impossible for me to be "wordless." "Speechless" on occasion, sure, but never without words. So the whole concept of bloggers taking Wednesdays off from words was very interesting to me because, well, um, I thought blogging was ABOUT words. I mean, I use photos but usually to illustrate my words. If that makes sense.

So, I did a little surfing for other bloggers who had done the Wordless Wednesday thing and the thing is...well, don't tell anyone but they, um, CHEATED. They used words. They used photos, sure, but then they used words to describe the photos.

So, THEN I started wondering if I have any photos that I could use that wouldn't need words with them. This was the only one I came up with:

Sorry, I uploaded the big version of that picture and that is one big Thomas hiney. ("Tell Me about your big 'but.'" Quick, name that movie!)


Pee Wee's Big Adventure! I know you are but what am I?
Unknown said…
But...but...but...it's Friday!
Squirrel said…
My orange cat, Cheeto, refuses to drink from anything but the toilet. He's my baby!
DK said…
How do you know about all these things? Love Thursday, Wordless Wednesday....

And, that picture is just classic!