Your Basic Friday Extortion

My husband and I had a rare, way TOO rare, Date Night last night. We violated our own rule about going to see movies (because normally we don't go see movies on date night because (unless you are Jane) you cannot talk to each other during them. And dates should be about... well, DATING.) Anyway, we went to the Imax theater and saw the new U2 concert movie.

It was the single best concert I've ever not been to. Dudes. It was so awesome. The band doesn't spend a lot of time talking but when we walked out of there, I wanted to sell all of my belongings and join the Peace Corp or become a U2 Head or something. It was awesome. If you like U2, or if you EVER liked them, go see it. You won't be sorry.

Anyway, our babysitter Stefanie came and took the girls out for dinner AND dessert (I usually do one or the other but it's okay to spoil them sometimes.) (Or at least that is how I'm rationalizing not having told Stef to forego dessert.) And she still had time to help Ana make a little business case for why she needs a higher allowance. (Click to open them in new windows so you can actually read them. You'll love the rationale.)

So then we had to have a whole conversation about how she doesn't see ALL of the story of how Stefanie's family handles money and maybe Stef needed more money as a kid because she had to buy things that right now *I* buy for Ana. And how every family handles money differently and really, the person she should be discussing her financial needs with should probably be RELATED to her, or at least, the so-called family money.

Ana said, "I think Stefanie is just really lucky."

Stef? Next time, if this subject comes up, could you please just lie? I mean, if I give Ana that kind of raise, I won't be able to afford BABYSITTING!


Mrs.Q said…
Wow, she's good! At least you can have some confidence that she won't be the kind of woman who doesn't ever ask for a raise. That's a great little presentation there. I wish I'd been that brilliant as a kid! I guess it's too late to send something like that to Mom at this stage in the game. Feh.

I have one cider left in the fridge, and no guarantee that I'll get out again this weekend to buy more. Should I or shouldn't I?
Quite precocious, don't you think? Yikes.

I didn't even know there was a U2 movie.
Unknown said…
Of course this is exactly the reason Stefanie has to babysit now...she drained her parents dry.

I'm off to weigh in. Woooopie.
hokgardner said…
That is way too funny!

And I can't wait to go see the U2 movie.
Anonymous said…
Well two of those arguments have nothing to do with the question. She should listen no matter how much allowance she gets, nor does her schoolwork connect to her allowance. As well, what Stephanie got is not really connected to the question of what Ana should get. So her arguments boil down to - wants to save more, wants to buy gifts, has higher expenses (or maybe would like to). These are reasonable issues. The discussion becomes a matter of what her allowance is meant to cover and how much free cash your family has to share with the kids.

Our approach was to hand out money as needed for things like lunches and club dues, but money for just spending was earned by doing extra chores until the kid got old enough to do standard kid jobs. Ana should be getting big enough to do yard work or cleaning to earn money. But you are about to move and she will need to get to know the neighbors to do that in the new place.
Jennifer said…
Ana rocks! I especially like how she made all the drawings of peoples' "shoulders" look like a normal set of shoulders but they are really hearts. Of course, this is a subliminal message to you saying, "if you love your daughter, you will give her more money". All the other "reasons" she stated in subsequent pages are just meant to keep your attention while you are receiving subliminal messages from the "shoulders".
DK said…
I'm really glad you like me, because your kids are going to rule the damn world.

A few comments. I mean, I am a shrink, after all.

1. I see a law degree in Ms. Ana's future.

2. I love that her teacher is like eighteen feet tall.

3. She clearly has the early signs of both a severe book addiction and a significant yarn dependency. Excellent work!

4. No, I have no idea at all why I keep leaving my comments in list form.
Karen said…
My favorite part is that she will spend all her new money on books and YARN! Does she know the way to her mother's heart or what?!
Lynn said…
If not a lawyer, then a high-priced mediator. Remember, Barb, they pick out our nursing homes...
LaDonna said…
That's awesome! I'd hire her to put together business presentations for me! What she's got there is way better than some of the presentations I get to sit through :)

I really want to see that U2 movie now! Sheesh, and here I was trying to score Hannah Montana movie tickets! Thanks for bringing me back to reality!
Anonymous said…
That is impressive, nice work! And her goals for a savings balance far exceed mine at this point. Maybe I should only spend as much as she does. And maybe I need an allowance too.