Stepping Stones, part two

This is a continuation of my post from earlier today when Blogger stopped letting me import pictures. I love Blogger. I'd like to send it a nice basket of fruit.

I was going to just finish this post tomorrow but since here I am, just having my own version of Fat Tuesday --being as how it's Tuesday and I'm...

Eating some ice cream.

I know what you were thinking I'd say. Nope, not going to go there. Not going to beat myself over being on WW for six weeks and actually GAINING two pounds. Nope, just going to recommit, people. Because Ei sent me a link to THIS and it's amazing.

Okay, so back to more than you ever wanted to know about stepping stones.

We've reached the fun part --the decorations!

Initially, I just bought those floral glass things and we used those to make designs.
Then I got into mosaics. Then I started using stamps and leaves and all kinds of things.

[When we was just about finished, I discovered that you can get those floral arrangement marble things at Tuesday Morning for a fraction of the price. Learn from my mistakes --you can save 50% and dudes, this ends up not being a very expensive project at all. And it's FUN.]

Our only rule in making these stones was that all of the stones had to have input from at least one family member. It became a really fun ritual when the kids would have friends over, they'd make stepping stones together. And you are only limited by your imagination as to your design. I even made a piano/keyboard (although you have to squint to know what it is.)

Scout is a little hard on the stepping stones and tends to knock the stones loose. I don't care --I think they're really pretty even if they are missing a few stones. The only ones I regret are the ones where I tried to write with these little Scrabble-like letters. Because the letters would go missing and then I'd have a stone that looked like this: This once said, "How did I get so lucky?" I'm not so sure what it says now ...

Actually, Scout and the more FELINE of our dogs (Edward, who really does seem to have a Canine Complex) would NOT leave me alone when I was trying to take pictures of all this.


Anonymous said…
yep, me again! This is perfect -- we renovated our kitchen last year and the first tile backsplash was a mistake so I have five boxes of beautiful tile to use (the mosaic versions). I may just have found my new favorite hobby (aka thing that I do that annoys my family)! thanks for entertaining me!
Ei said…
Dude, know what I did for activity points this morning? Shoveled snow for an hour and a half! And it is still snowing! I never wanted to be a Texan (politics) but is sounding tempting. My arms hurt SO bad.

Luckily we have a snow day. I'm going to get my book and lay on the sofa for awhile today.
Ei said…
Oh, and Edward? I thought that was normal feline...needing to be between you and anything you'd like to be doing (I say, typing with my arms stretched across Foster).
TheOneTrueSue said…
These are lovely Barb. I really want to bookmark these posts and then come back to them in the spring... Or maybe I will make them now and throw them on top of the freaking snow.
TheOneTrueSue said…
That link almost makes me want to go back to WW. Almost.
Anonymous said…
I wish you would come over and make some of those stepping stones for me!
LaDonna said…
Wow, Ei! If that's the case, then my dog must be part feline, as well!

As for weather related commentatary...I'm trying to ignore that Barb mentions 82 degrees. *whistles and looks away* We don't have much for new snow, but it was negative 9 when the kids went to the bus this morning.

I will be skipping the activity points today. I discovered last night that, although it's good exercise, my back does NOT like to play Dance Dance Revolution.