Love (Lin) Thursday

My new friend Lin is moving next week while my family is away doing the Ridiculously Complicated 2008 Texas Reunion Tour. I guess that's a good thing since otherwise I'd just be standing around wringing my hands and dropping tears all over her moving boxes.

I had written her a goodbye post but I just deleted it because there is SAD and there is MOROSE and let's face it, morose isn't that fun to read. Not for anyone, but especially not for a woman setting off on a new adventure.

Don't ask me how I know this.

Anyway, I finished her socks and 1.25 of my matching pair.

And here's all I really wanted to say anyway:

Dear Lin,

Colorado is lucky to be getting you and I hope with all of my heart that you love it there. I already know you're going to thrive.

I love you.

Don't dry those socks in the dryer.



knittergran said…
Those socks are gaw-jus! I have to find me some Claudia hand-painted yarn.
I'm sorry that Lin is moving. What weird karma or something, to find a "kindred spirit" and then have her leave so soon.
And I hope your foot problem isn't terribly, terribly serious and that your new dr. has a fix for it.
Karen said…
Umm, are you NAKED except for that one sock in that picture? Way to create a lasting image for Lin to carry with her forever :-)
DK said…
'Bye, Lin! Good luck! Have a safe trip! Be well! Write often! Miss us, er, Barb (okay, that's a given)!

And, she's definately right - don't put those in the dryer.

(Love the colors, though. What yarn is that, again, Barb?)
Hannah said…
Wow, you just got there and have to say goodbye to a dear friend already ... it's amazing that you've become such good friends so quickly. Either you do that easily, Barb, or you two were just meant to be. :-) It takes me forever to bond with someone like that!

So sorry you have to say goodbye, but your message to her was beautiful.
Stefanie said…
Awww... I love that you will have matching socks!! And I'm happy that she likes them.

(Tell Lin goodbye for me!)
Lynn said…
Wow those socks are beautiful! And how cool of you to make matching ones for yourself.
Marie said…
What's wrong with morose? I LOVE morose!!!

Colorado is a very, very fun place to visit, so you also have that to think about.

And I love the socks. I am just learning to knit socks and I am too embarrassed to post pictures of my results. It looks like someone with a broken shoulder tried to knit them. Oh, wait, I DO have a broken shoulder. Well, that explains it.

Soon, though.

P.S. Try not to be too sad. :(
MadMad said…
Aw... I know how much you liked her! That stinks. At least she's going away knowing she's loved, though!