A Slow Dissolve

Last night, our friends Mike and Erin were gracious enough to invite a group of our Austin friends to our former community pool to see us during our short, short, very-much-too-short stop in Austin. (Did I already tell you that my husband coined the perfect phrase for this trip to Texas, which has us stopping in four cities in nine days? He said, "I feel like we're spending thousands of dollars so that everyone will end up mad at us.") Anyway, the evening was so wonderful that I woke up at 3:45 AM with that song and a slide-show of pictures of everyone going through my head.

Which is a good thing because I didn't actually take any pictures in real life. Not one. I took my camera (and y'all know how I love me some photos) but I never took it out of the bag. I think it's because looking at all of those faces and those kids --it was just too big to even start. How do you sum up many years of friendships in a few photos? Or maybe it was that I wanted to live in the moment instead of documenting the moment, you know? Because it was a really, really, really good moment.

Heartbreaking, oh yeah, so heartbreaking. But still really good.


hokgardner said…
Sorry I missed seeing you. I was sidelined with a migraine. Bleah.
Huh? It says, "Sorry - this video no longer available." What was it?
Katie said…
Keep your chin up and enjoy every blessed, margarita and bean filled minute of it.

I couldn't get the video to play either so I just wrote something dorky....:)
DK said…
Aww. So glad it was a good time.

Oh, and the video (which I'm guessing you reposted) worked fine for me.
Miri said…
Wonderful friends to throw you that party. And ... living in the moment? Priceless.