Manic Mania

So, my parents are coming to visit.

A week from this coming Sunday.

And, y'all, I am completely deranged.

No, seriously, I don't know what is wrong with me. I feel this need to have everything in the house ready for their arrival RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I am racing around, moving furniture and cleaning under stuff and trying to finish my art projects--all at the same time. I just swept out the garage. It's crazy.

Even for ME, it's crazy.

I think I'm just so excited to see them. I miss having my mom close by, you know, for one thing. But also, there's so much to see and do up here in New York and I want them to feel comfortable so that they'll want to come BACK as soon as possible. My mom has had some health issues with her back and I'm trying to make sure she won't have to climb stairs while she's here... there's a lot to do.

And apparently, I plan to do it in the next hour.

Even though they won't get here until a week from Sunday.

Because I am crazy.

This is usually the point where my husband gently points out that it won't do anyone any good if I overdo it on my gimpy foot and end up not being able to walk while they are here. To which I normally make some sort of growling reference to the MAN ALWAYS TRYING TO KEEP ME DOWN which hurts my husband's feelings and boom, we're crabby with each other and oh, look, I just had a fight with my husband and he's not even here! I am seriously very efficient, no?

(Crazy on legs.)

The thing that's truly hilarious about all of this is that it's not like my parents are even coming to see ME. When I was talking to my mom yesterday, she said, "I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to hugging and holding those girls."


"And...YOU, of course."


hokgardner said…
I used to clean like mad before my mom visited, but I've given up. I figure she's lucky if the house is at least vacuumed.

Plus, she says the same thing as your mother, "I can't wait to see the kids . . . and you and B of course."
Unknown said…
ha so true. I lived in Alaska for three years before my son was born and My parents never visited. He is three now and they have been here 7 times.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I am completely the same way, and my parents only live one town away. But I clean like a freak when they are coming, and then I scream at anyone who dares to pee in the clean toilets before their arrival! Just think, it'll be a week from Sunday before you know it.
Miri said…
So, my mother now lives 2 miles away from us. When I am in town she comes over and cleans my house. It's a boundary thing.
Karen said…
You are being smart. If you clean now and end up with a gimpy foot because of it, well you still have a whole week to recover. And waiting until the day before only ensures you will lose sleep.

My parents are traveling to visit me next weekend and I have already started planning and cleaning too.
MadMad said…
Too funny! And you, of course! So exciting to have them come though, even if it's not for you!
Ann in NJ said…
You're better than I am. I obsess about cleaning for a week than do it all in two days and can't finish. But watch that foot - if you're gimpy it won't be as much fun.
Tenna Draper said…
What they said! Spend a couple of hours a day on things, and then plan with the girls what fun you'll have with the "grands". If everything doesn't get done, who cares? As long as you all have a good time!
Ream O Rama said…
Wow! I am so in awe of you...especially since I am the total procrastinator and my parents usually discover a herd of dustbunnies that I overlooked in my last minute dash. Just think how much more fun and relaxed their visit will be with the you, of course.